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  1. BorderReiver

    Whats happened to ROF ?

    Mice are a bit small; a good strong rat is what's needed.
  2. BorderReiver

    Shaggy parasol

    It took quite a few years, I suppose it must just build up. Very disappointing.
  3. BorderReiver

    Shaggy parasol

    I became sensitised to these a couple of seasons back.:frown:
  4. BorderReiver

    I Blame Ray Mears - narrowly escaped widow maker

    Birch trees die and fall down all the time, without any intervention from Mr Mears.:) The wood I frequent is littered with the corpses of dead birch; birch is a colonising tree that gets in first when land is ready, as a result they make way for other species. After the coming blow on Monday...
  5. BorderReiver

    New Ventile coat. Opinions wanted

    £97? A great price indeed. A wool jumper under the coat will take care of most the damp, and the liner will keep the cold clammy wet ventile off the jumper. I love my ventile jackets btw, as long as I've got somewhere to dry them out at the end of the day.:)
  6. BorderReiver

    Be careful!

    We've had strong winds before, but thanks anyway.:)
  7. BorderReiver

    New Ventile coat. Opinions wanted

    If it's a single layer ventile design, don't cut out the lining. Ventile works by soaking up water to swell the fibres, stopping water from passing through. the lining stops the "wet" outer from touching your inner clothes.
  8. BorderReiver

    Help! Kefir Grains?

    If you can't be bothered to make your own, it's available ready to use in Tesco and Sainsbury, Rich.
  9. BorderReiver

    Dogs, what you got?

    Toby and Lutza, Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas.
  10. BorderReiver

    Badger or Rabbit hole?

    Could well be a standard rabbit hole that has been enlarged by an enthusiastic dog having a dig. I have seen this in action many times. Hearing a spaniel barking underground is quite amusing.:)
  11. BorderReiver

    British Blades Forum - down

    Yep, stunned again.:rolleyes:
  12. BorderReiver

    Thoroughly scunnered :sigh:

    I was in deserts in the USA for the last two weeks and it was cold and wet for the first one. Having a cold like Mary has always makes things seem worse.
  13. BorderReiver

    Urgent!Eu about to ban many herbs

    They do indeed, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't regulate the herb sellers to protect the public.
  14. BorderReiver

    Urgent!Eu about to ban many herbs

    The rules have been applied to protect the public from adulteration and poisoning from the "wrong" herb in the box. They do not have to prove efficacy, just have in the box what should be in the box. Folks who want to use herbs are stiil free to use them, with the added bonus that any they buy...
  15. BorderReiver

    EDC no more?

    57 years for me. Used at least once daily. Some people who don't carry knives because "they never need them" end up being a pain in the bum by always wanting to borrow yours.:rolleyes:
  16. BorderReiver

    Does anybody use a Workmate?

    I agree, the original can't be beaten. Once they started to cut production costs they lost the "kill proof" robustness.
  17. BorderReiver

    The scary, the strange, the paranormal...

  18. BorderReiver

    The scary, the strange, the paranormal...

    You've got me there.:confused: I'm up to speed with most of the world's major religions, but the black noodle dwarf is a new entity to me.
  19. BorderReiver

    The scary, the strange, the paranormal...

    Fair point. But, if you were not part of the Church, you could not afford (money and safety) to conjecture on scientific matters. The only science at that time was that which agreed with the church's teachings. Go against that and they killed you.
  20. BorderReiver

    Scottish Travellers

    On that point, I wonder what the difference, to the nearest £Billion of our taxes, between what we pay to clean up after Travellers, and after our mainstream, respectable, Bankers is.:(