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  1. Muddypaws


    Flippin' heck that's good! She must be a very talented lady.
  2. Muddypaws

    corona virus projects any one?

    I've finally got around to some tool restoration, as I bought this tenon saw that was in need of a little TLC. I wasn't in any kind of hurry as I do have several other tenon saws. Tenonsaw1 by Alan Muddypaws, on Flickr The blade had some rust patches, which have left it quite pitted in places...
  3. Muddypaws

    Netting Needle

    Nice work! Bandsaw rough cutting of the blanks I approve of, I never realized just how handy a bandsaw could be until I got one!
  4. Muddypaws

    My Covid-19 projects

    Very smart sir! You set the standard for home-made bushcraft attire that others can only aspire to.
  5. Muddypaws

    Shave horse, scruffy but it works.

    Not scruffy at all! Very tidy job, and if it works well for you then that is all good.
  6. Muddypaws

    A ducky she wanted....

    Superb! Wood ought to be buoyant enough, but there is no guarantee that the duck will float upright, unless some ballast weight is added underneath.
  7. Muddypaws

    Shave Horse

    Looking great! My horse is made from softwood CLS, and it does make moving it around an easier task, as it is considerably lighter than the hardwood one that I used to have.
  8. Muddypaws

    Stacked leather handle advice

    Thanks guys! That certainly is a lot of good information to chew on. Stew - excellent link, bookmarked. Thank you. Kepis - that knife is stunning! If mine turns out only half as good then I'll be happy. Thanks again to all.
  9. Muddypaws

    Stacked leather handle advice

    I recently got myself a Lauri blade blank, quite a small one, only 63mm blade, and I fancy having a go at a stacked leather handle for it. So I thought I would come on my favourite forum to ask for some advice, as follows: 1. What leather to use. I have plenty of veg tan - will this be...
  10. Muddypaws

    Leather A5 Notebook Cover

    That looks excellent! The stitching is lovely and neat, and the tooling looks more complicated than anything I have done or would be likely to do.
  11. Muddypaws

    Rag in a Can - Keep Tools Rust Free

    Paul Sellers has got to be one of the best woodworking channels on YouTube. I made one of those oilers a while back. I couldn't quite believe how much easier a quick swipe of oil can make sawing and planing.
  12. Muddypaws

    Thoughts on Removing Wood from Woodland

    I was on good terms with the local council's parks and open spaces department. I used to see some of the workers regularly when walking my dog. If they were clearing fallen trees, or maintaining paths then I would often ask, and be told that it was no problem to take a little for my carving...
  13. Muddypaws

    Butter Knife

    That is a nicely designed spreading tool. For some reason I want to make a similarly shaped knife out of tool steel - it would be a handy workshop marking knife.
  14. Muddypaws

    Sawhorse, a primitive one

    Looks pretty good to me!
  15. Muddypaws

    Attempts at paracording

    Good job! It's quite addictive once you get into the swing of it.
  16. Muddypaws

    Candle making

    Nice! Lucky that you scored such a lot of beeswax for a good price. But you could add just a little beeswax to paraffin wax to get just a hint of the nice smell, if you didn't have so much beeswax to play with.
  17. Muddypaws

    Some post cold holiday projects.

    Love the necklace, very manly jewellery! The notebook is fantastic too! (as is the scoop)
  18. Muddypaws

    Woods Folk Spoon

    Not seen many spoons on here in a while. Glad to see that you have not lost your touch! Great job.
  19. Muddypaws

    Christmas Carving Capers

    That is some pretty good carving sir! Merry Christmas
  20. Muddypaws

    Leather Key Fobs

    It's getting close to Christmas (as if you needed reminding), and as we are entertaining my sister and her family on the big day, my thoughts turned to crackers. It doesn't seem to matter how much you spend, it seems that all crackers contain, basically, a load of tat. So I managed to get a...