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    Allotment Challenge

    Not impressed, chrysanthemums as flower arranging? I don't think that should be a topic. Don't get me wrong I like flowers, even on an allotment, as a thing of beauty, but I feel allotments should be for producing food. Flower arranging? Doesn't quite fit right in my brain. Mind you I...
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    Amateur radio demonstration at the moot.

    Let me know if you set up a sked, I may have a little something tucked away. Will PM later in the week.
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    Mountain Range twin hooped bivvy

    Good evening, welcome to the forum. It's always nice to introduce yourself on the introduction forum. No experience on that particular bivy, but a sleeping bag and roll mat or similar in/on a bivy bag are still needed. You won't have much time to gather insulation after a 20mile day...
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    Lights for my garage.

    Thank you everyone for your responses. As usual it creates more thinking not less. The Tilley lamp may be refettled, (I have created a word!!) and then I will have to move all flamables into a metal crate (unbought). The other problem is a 18ft sea kayak in a 16ft garage, meaning my moving...
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    Be careful with that chainsaw........(X-RAY BUT NO BLOOD/GORE)

    Puts off buying a chainsaw for another 2 years...
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    Hello from Southampton

    New forest? Nice. Welcome welcome welcome.
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    post a picture?

    I take it I can't post direct from an iPad yet? Best warm up the old coal fired steam driven laptop then...
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    Canadian Canoe

    Song of the paddles a good place to check out stuff on open canoeing. I wouldn't go anywhere without a third paddle and a bit of string.
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    Lights for my garage.

    After trying to light my garage useing battery lanterns for ages, I've found that the little lidls cree torches are ideal for ideal for a spot light. In the ideals of this forum though I have a few questions, or suggestions needed. My garage is rented, so I can't make alterations, and my...
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    Bike Light / Torch

    Can someone find me a similar link to the amazon above? Think its too old now.
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    Attention capt. Orric on deck

    Yes, too early, less you've crashed your boat and mis- spelled RYA. Oh hang on...
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    Boots and Stuff

    Price change. Meindl Borneos Right boot has several cracks between the randing and the sole. Found after inspecting before a post Anyones for £5?
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    Boots and Stuff

    Rab Down Jacket - size Large Im now not a large. Little use here in Cornwall, bought for Canada about 10 years ago and stored in a loft formot of its life. Made when they only made one model of jacket. Very good condition. £ 80
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    Boots and Stuff

    Open canoe River Barrels -one med one large - Im not posting these, pick up only, £5 each. (but you can get a free small barrel and an orange survival bag with it! Scarpa Boots - unknown model but leather and goretex, size 45. Used once. Looks a lot better in real life than the flash photos...
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    Wooohoooo keys to the new house

    Nice, it's a good feeling isn't it.
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    Mardale long jacket L

    Price Drop Now £ 25
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    Sprayway salopettes size 34.

    Price drop £25
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    Boots and Stuff

    Having a clearout All items plus postage meindl Borneo Size 11 Used once several years ago. Never really fitted my feet. Should clean up nce. £30 Berghaus Ladies waterproof jacket Size 16 £10 Montaine Smock (buffalo) Size - Fitted me as a large, but...
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    Leather Care

    Disregard this message. IT issues, now fixed!!
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    Leather Care

    I have found my WW1 German binoculars, a "find" from my great grandfather. The leather case is looking very tired. Any recommendations of how to preserve it?