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  1. waterman

    Sussex Group.

    Very interested in this one look forward to more details
  2. waterman

    Recommend a kayak?

    Good choice. very stable easy paddling kayak. Hope it gives you a lot of pleasure. You could join a club and use their storage.
  3. waterman

    You have to start from somewhere...

    Not only will I wish you good luck but you have approached the sport the best way. Good instruction can make all the difference in a confident start. Be warned canoeing/kayaking can be adictive.Hope you enjoy it.:canoe:
  4. waterman

    Recommend a kayak?

    Day trips to brownsea island needs a kayak unless you get some serious experience under your belt canoing in open water. I have done this trip in a kayak and can recommend it as a great paddle. Do it from Studland in an open but will need to be very careful of wind speeds and tide times. Do it...
  5. waterman

    Recommend a kayak?

    Had open canoe for years and yes they will take a huge amount of gear but many of my friends tour with kayaks. They are skilled at taking minimal gear and travelling in relative comfort. I have sold my open canoe in favour of a easky 13 kayak. It has 2 storage hatches which will take a fair...
  6. waterman

    suzuki jimny

    I am amazed that a simple question not really related to bushcraft should have such a response. Good sense says buy the jimny and flog the caravan. Thanks again for the input.:drive:
  7. waterman

    suzuki jimny

    Thanks for all the input. Just confirmed what I thought. Will probably stick to the berlingo as the other options are more expensive than I can currently go to. The berlingo is ok without towing but struggles with a 750kg caravan. I just love the look of the jimny and its reputed reliability...
  8. waterman

    suzuki jimny

    Has anyone tried a suzi jimny?. The professional reviewers slag it of as the worst thing you could ever own. Owners think its the best thing since sliced bread.Bit like our current political parties, one says they are right the other says they got it wrong for years. I need a bomb proof...
  9. waterman

    Do you make a living out of bushcraft?

    I envy all those with the skills and good fortune to make a living at bushcraft.
  10. waterman

    Knife Law (Rant)

    The law cant be beaten and is not difficult to comply with. I carry a falkniven folding non locking knife all the time and it does most jobs very well during my work an social activities. I carry a bushey when I have an activity or job which needs a substantial knife. I am then compliant with...
  11. waterman

    bushcraft and survival mag

    I wish I was able to comment accurately on this thread but despite my money being taken for a years subscription in early december,I have yet to receive a current magazine. I have been in telephone and email contact but apart from acknowledgements of a problem have not received my subscribed...
  12. waterman

    Wild camping around London

    ive heard under waterloo bridge is good.sally army brings free food as well:lmao:
  13. waterman

    'hunter' Custom Catapult.

    just received my catapault. near missed a few cans. 57 year old kid with a smile on my face. thanks fish.goodjob
  14. waterman

    My Dad's in hospital

    Stay with it and love the Dad you always knew. Ignore the comments and lack of recognition that you see at the moment. The illness makes the comments and not the Dad you knew. He still needs all the love and affection as before but may not be responding in a way that you undersatand. Difficult...
  15. waterman

    'interesting' definition of bushcraft

    perhaps the loss of humour is weather derived due to too much time on their hands. Roll on spring so we can forget who we are and where we come from and enjoy our craft under whatever name or desguise it comes under. take no offense from this as none intended:):canoe:
  16. waterman

    Birthday prezzie ideas

    if he has not got a laplander I would look no further,puts a smile on my face every time I use it. you could afford to add richard mabeys food for free book @4.99. and still be under 20 quid.
  17. waterman

    Winter Driving

    Deeps ABS is a great invention as an aid to careful driving as very well covered by Wayne. It will reduce the distance of a skid while going forward. There are two drawbacks worthy of concideration.Firstly as the ABS has the effect of giving some braking there is a tendency to push harder on...
  18. waterman

    A word about charcoal

    Thanks Andy good concentration of stockists New Forest area. Richard
  19. waterman

    A word about charcoal

    I struggle to buy any charcoal out of season. I would love to buy from local producer in surrey/berks/hants areas if any one knows a supplier. Need some at moment.
  20. waterman

    yew burr bushcrafter

    I should not have hesitated! beautiful knife. I wish I had a friend like Drew.Perhaps Santa is bringing me one?