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  1. Nic Le Becheur

    Karrimor Sabre 75, Montane Terra Trousers, Dutch Bivvy, Ridgeline Roar Trousers +more

    It is, Rob, and thanks (I'm six foot nothing) :-) I figured that in any case it could make a handy front porch for the tent if too small to use as a comfortable alternative... one of the bigger DD multicam tarps was the other option but I do like the Army basha's IRR property as well as its...
  2. Nic Le Becheur

    Karrimor Sabre 75, Montane Terra Trousers, Dutch Bivvy, Ridgeline Roar Trousers +more

    Hi Rob, I'm thinking seriously of acquiring one of these - but havering about the size - can I ask if you found it a tad small?
  3. Nic Le Becheur

    Any thoughts on my kit?

    - Looks good, though considering what Jaeger already said. What's in the First Aid kit, though?
  4. Nic Le Becheur

    Kukri multicarry Sheath and some other bits

    Awesome, Hamish. You don't often see such a fusion of the practical and the beautiful. Lost for words. Thanks for sharing. Nick.
  5. Nic Le Becheur


    I remember in my early days, charging a West Saxon shield wall and came up against this big fyrdman named Eofor ('The Boar'). When I came to, I was wearing the shield rim round my neck, and looking up at the sky through the parted boards. Oh, and still gripping the boss in my left hand :-) The...
  6. Nic Le Becheur

    And fight

    I suspect that stuff tastes so vile, it has to be drunk with milk and sugar so as not to notice. In other words, what Camp Coffee was to coffee. In the late 1960s someone brought out a tea in freeze dried granules, complete with real citric acid ersatz lemon flavouring (as supplied to Soviet...
  7. Nic Le Becheur

    Good Quality Wool Blanket.

    Hi Ken, I use a French army woollen blanket I think I paid £15 for on eBay a year or two ago. It's 200cm x 150cm, and in cold weather I layer it between a British army doss bag and liner. The whole shebang straps up inside an WW2 army officer canvas bedroll/bivi and I've been cosy down to -5c...
  8. Nic Le Becheur

    Total noob

    I'd second what Actaeon says. The old Polish army tent goes up in 5 minutes (if you keep the two component ponchos buttoned together, takes a while longer otherwise), and is, as far as I'm concerned, worth the 3.7kg pack weight. It's strong, very serviceable and just about everything-proof. Also...
  9. Nic Le Becheur

    Change to the law

    I took a look at the (already much-amended) section 141 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988, and there are listed all manner of weird and wonderful gizmos with Japanese-looking names which I assume are part of a ninja (or wannabe ninja) armoury and completely unknown to normal people. Perhaps, like...
  10. Nic Le Becheur

    CHARITY SALE: Swedish Army Cookset

    OK - since it's for HFH I'll offer the full whack. Please PM me payment details. Nick.
  11. Nic Le Becheur

    When nature calls, and mosquitos call too...

    Does anyone here have a recipe for an effective natural homemade insect repellent ? Getting chewed up a bit very recently now the warm weather's back, and not mad keen on using DEET. Nick.
  12. Nic Le Becheur

    Is there really any need for camoflage?

    It may be argued that there is another valid reason to avoid the wearing of military camouflage when not out in the sticks - in fact, a small but very real risk associated with the incautious wearing of army surplus clothing altogether. This morning, rejoicing in a pair of very recently...
  13. Nic Le Becheur

    Whats in your wash kit?

    There's nowt worse, in its way, than using wet wipes before shaving and realising (or not) that you've left little strands of tissue snagged all over your beard stubble. Mine has pocket mirror, razor, spare blades, shaving brush, face flannel, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, nail brush, nail...
  14. Nic Le Becheur

    What did you buy today?

    Bundeswehr flecktarn camo shirt, Grade 1 condition, found hanging in a charity shop, for £3.99. Nick.
  15. Nic Le Becheur

    Polish Army Lavvu - What bed?

    - What the others have said, about the bed being right up against the sides. Not a fan of camp beds personally, though I am a fan of the old Polish Army pelerina namyot (to give it its proper name). Being a side sleeper too, I use a closed cell foam mat, an old British Army non-mummy doss bag...
  16. Nic Le Becheur

    Rip My Kit Apart!

  17. Nic Le Becheur

    Bushmoot 2016 - Who's going this year?

    Got two other camps going on - both prior engagements. Next year, maybe. Nick.
  18. Nic Le Becheur

    Rip My Kit Apart!

    You said: Well as the title says! "RIP MY KIT APART" Given my circumstances, what would you swop or change? And please give you reasons... - Right... Radio (handheld). -What do you need a radio for? Spair Batteries x4. - See Radio. Military Hand Flairs. - Are...
  19. Nic Le Becheur

    Sleeping bag advice

    I, too, hate mummy bags with a passion. In early February this year with a night time temperature of around -5c, I was out in an old canvas WW2 bedroll, old rectangular Army warm weather sleeping bag, wool blanket, Thermarest mat, thermal underwear and under a canvas poncho shelter half thingy...
  20. Nic Le Becheur

    New from Biolite

    The Bundeswehr has already got there. My old German Army pocket knife has 3 different options for snapping twigs of different sizes - the bottle opener, the can opener, and the thumb-hole on the knife blade. Plus the stealth option, a purpose-designed serrated blade. I was wondering what that...