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  1. born2roam

    The Amazon (not the internet shopping site!)

    A fantastic place to visit. Like many I wanted to see it before it is destroyed more and was lucky enough to go there in 2008. Love to go back and visit a lot longer, if you have some time to kill read the trip report on my website or if you just want to see some pics you can go directly here...
  2. born2roam

    Drizabone short coat (M), Riding coat (XL) and Bex Fleece Jacket (XXL)

    Hi List, Some items for SWAP, by themselves or together or a combination. Looking for Mkettle, Golite Peak L (40ltr) or Jam L (35 or 50 ltr) or Snowpeak 600 Titanium mug or maybe you got something that I never thought of and fits the bill too. Items are in The Netherlands, I reckon shipping...
  3. born2roam

    Mess tins and which to get

    Had a BCB (SS) mess tin but switched (back) to the steel Dutch army mess tins. Or for lightweight my trangia mess tin (tiny and light, but alu so not what you asked for). The army messtins are a bit larger then the BCB one, nest and I made a DIY lid with some 'baking tinfoil'. I also took the...
  4. born2roam

    Paracord vs Cordage

    Paracord strength is overkill for ridgeline with a 'normal' tarp (not 10x10 meter canvas ideas). I rather have my lines break then my tarp rip. Which (touch wood) neither of them has happened. I got some from a local DIY store, the rope happens to be from Mammut, thickness... eeh.... 3 mm I...
  5. born2roam

    questions about hunting (bull)frogs

    Have 'dispatched' some cane toads while in Oz and they indeed have a devastating effect on the fauna over there BUT..... some bird species apparently learned to catch the toad, flip it over and rip open the belly to avoid the poisonous glands on the back. So while definitely NOT my choice of...
  6. born2roam

    Another winterhike.... but very different from the last one!

    Good reading Ron, On the ice.... take ice picks on you... available in most hardware stores in Sweden or outdoorsy shops..... Hang around your neck to help yourself get a grip on the ice behind you if you happen to fall in (the ice behind you you walked on is strong enough... the ice in front...
  7. born2roam

    What stove

    Primus Omnifuel.... Grtz Johan
  8. born2roam

    First time swinger - perhaps? Keep it clean!!

    Replaced the rope and hooks because they are heavy.... compared to... I use DIY tree huggers (a little over a meter each), with loops on both ends. One end has a whoopiesling larks headed in (the non moving end). Treehugger goes around the tree, other end of tree hugger with whoopee sling pass...
  9. born2roam

    First time swinger - perhaps? Keep it clean!!

    I just got out of a back garden nippy test (-10 C it as low as it gets so far...)....sleeping in my single Ticket to the Moon hammock.... I did replace the rope and suspension part but I love it! Might even trade it in for my Hennessy setup (it turns out lighter) if it is just as comfy as that...
  10. born2roam

    Dutch stainless mess tins - sizing question

    And with the handles cut off the weigh 161 or 143 grams respectively. With a Potgrabber (34 grams) I find it easier to flip things over, not burn my hands etc.... Size wise you end up with a bit more then a liter and about a liter (not filling to the edge, spilling etc.) Just in case you...
  11. born2roam

    Cleaning knife for/after food prep

    Dirt eater team here too... Stopped wiping at my trouser leg since one of my Mora's sliced right through it and knocked me a bit (too much pressure from me I), so now it is the bandana or some leaves or moss. Grtz Johan
  12. born2roam

    using mora with firesteel

    LMF, Fireflas, Primus all work great as a fire steel. The best...pffff personal and experience.... Anyway, I love Mora's but they do not make the best fire steel strikers/scrapers with the shoulders of the blade. They are too rounded. Roughing them up might work (for a while) but it was the one...
  13. born2roam

    40 years ago today

    Yeah he was on the Desert Island Episode, Extreme Survival 1+2 Grtz Johan
  14. born2roam

    Response to 'how long could you survive' threads. How long WOULD you have survived.

    Same here, adding sky diving to it :lmao: And to stay ON topic: dunno? Except for the obvious things that were not around in those days (motorbikes/planes) there were other things so... who knows.... BTWAWKI: mmm what knowledge level on what continent are you speaking about to cloud the...
  15. born2roam

    Anyone speak other languages?

    I suspected that for a while.... though it doesn't explain others who speak over 6 languages fluently.... But yes, local help, practice, practice, practice and the NEED helps a lot. Most English speakers have a lot less NEED to learn another language. Dutch, Danish, Swedish... yeah heck who...
  16. born2roam

    Cave Dwelling

    Believe it or not, there are caves full with water, completely dry and a lot in between....;) Grtz Johan
  17. born2roam

    Cave Dwelling

    Sorry mate, I reckon you mean Cooper Pedy, opal mining city....about 700 km south of Alice... Alice Spring is a nice desert town, jumping point to see Uluru (Ayer's Rock) and more. Cooper Pedy is nice for opals, got thrown out of the pub with the locals there ;-) Grtz Johan
  18. born2roam

    Advice on jungle footware needed

    Yep, got the same thing from Sarawak too ;-) Thnx.... Grtz Johan
  19. born2roam

    Advice on jungle footware needed

    Ok OT from the original post but which is your fav design JD?. There was a design from a village with a famous market on Sulawesi between Palu & Poso where, of course, I can not find any pics any more. I couldn't make the market (had to leave, catch a bus due to visum expiry date) and still kick...
  20. born2roam

    Advice on jungle footware needed

    Have US Army Jungle boots, love them but before that I just got what the locals got in Malaysia: Adidas Kampung ;-) Basically a rubber shoe with some yellow stripes to the side that looked like Adidas (Kampung meaning village)... if it works for them, it works for me, at least it did for...