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  1. oops56

    A new way of fire by friction using two flat pieces of wood, two tampons and some ash

    Sound to me that you should get lost with a lady.;)
  2. oops56

    Clickstands are back in the UK

    Well if you dont have time or tools. Take time get some tools.I got all kinds of time tools send it to me. pm me if like to send it to me
  3. oops56

    Walkers fire lighters

    Yep corn chips burn you can heat up water and eat at the same time lite weight
  4. oops56

    Chinese Army Stove

    O K i think i got it the flat dish gos on top of stove just like in pic.Then the pot at left on the dish then the strainer in pot add water then your pasta put on cover. it does no look like it can us wood no holes at top alcohol burner or sterno [ i think ] or just send to me i make it work i...
  5. oops56

    Finding the "inverted plantpottery candle heater"

    If you got a tipi and a Indian hole at top why whats wrong with a open wood fire like the indians did it all the time i thought this was bushcraft.
  6. oops56

    decorum hot cakes. (pic heavy)

    I just kept compressing till it take no more.I dry them one day in the sun. I tryed once in the oven the wax melted no good that way.They all burn ok only thing need a little alcohol to get it started i think i will put some cotton in the middle next time. Burn time been long time forgot lots...
  7. oops56

    Omnia oven

    Use a trangia burner with simmer cap half way open and the pot stand that looks like a cup upside down
  8. oops56

    decorum hot cakes. (pic heavy)

    Yep i did a little different on one sawdust newspaper the other sawdust newspaper bess wax the last sawdust sugar bees wax. Put in blander with water then press all the water out the press is on the right a c clamp and a washer with holes to let water out as you press.The bess wax was done on a...
  9. oops56

    charcloth question

    I use a kerosene wick 3/4 wide cut in sq. then put in tin and char.
  10. oops56

    Crusader cookset alteration advice

    Well look at it up side down use this stove like this or put a plate on the lower wire and a pop can stove will work. if its a open top side burner a can cover on top off stove still be side burner
  11. oops56

    How do you deal with this? Cook ware.

    You all got it wrong. Turn pan over fry on the bottom like a griddle then after done turn over burn the extra off.
  12. oops56

    fire lighting

    I bring the wife if she fit in the box.She good at getting the wood stove fired up.Plus if the wife is with me no need a fire right.
  13. oops56

    LED torch

    I got some but mine cost more 5.89 each at wal mart and heres how using mine for a camera light
  14. oops56

    Crusader cooking unit with a twist

    I got one made a alcohol stove for mine this burner is small its full of wick inside like a snake holds 1/2 oz. fuel will boil 16 oz. water
  15. oops56

    Jon-e Handwarmer

    I got all kinds of hand warmer even the new type ofter in done put back in hot water and use it again. New this is one i just got its so big i think its a foot warmer for sleeping bag.Or for a buggy ride.Now you can use birch fungus in them also.
  16. oops56

    Gas lighters

    Yep i got them lights cost more then the ones you show but here how i use them for a camera light
  17. oops56

    pee in a bottle

    Its hard to pea on a tire like a dog you must raise one leg:werd:
  18. oops56

    My Survival Kit - What Else Do I Need ?

    I have a fanny pack with a few things that you might need what if the bike went over a cliff now you got northing. Or a small day pack on.
  19. oops56

    Messages to Santa

    Well it likes this if there is a Santa also there is UFOs [ And that's the bottom line cause Steve Austin says so ]:werd:
  20. oops56

    Home made Thumb Stick

    O K a waking stick is ok but why in the world do they have to be round?? Why not square just brake the sharp edge.