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    Binoculars: 8x or 10x?

    It's not as simple as that. My 8x32 Swarovskis have a brighter image than most 8x42s on the market. The coatings, quality of lenses and prisms all make a difference to the brightness of the image!
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    Binoculars: 8x or 10x?

    You will pay over the odds at an RSPB reserve. Find an optics shop and go there instead!
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    Binoculars: 8x or 10x?

    It's not as simple as that - 8x32 will give a wider field of view than 8x42!!
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    Binoculars: 8x or 10x?

    No way is anything better than Swarovski. I had many years in the optical trade and I've tried them all!!!
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    Binoculars: 8x or 10x?

    8x32 are a good choice. 10x is hard to hold still, especially when working hard. 42s may let in more light than 32s (not necessarily a lot though - I'd stake my 8x32s against any 8x42 on the market, except Swarovski) but are heavier and bulkier. 8x32s have a wider field of view than 42s, which...
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    In hospital

    My wife, who's a retired physio, says you're "barking" going back to work so soon. Take advice and do what your physio tells you!!!!!!!
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    Metal Detecting

    As a retired, but still active, archaeological surveyor, I am unhappy regarding the use of unsupervised metal detecting. I was involved in the aftermath of a hoard of Roman gold being found in Scotland. The detectorists sold the hoard without declaring it and only because a local historian got...
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    No-one camps till April....

    Reminds me of the guy who bought a new motorhome and wrote about it in the CCC magazine: "and I've arranged winter storage for it". He should have been a caravaner :)
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    Camping Drinks

    Difficult to use a stove when out photographing, or when taking part in an excavation! :D
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    Camping Drinks

    I prefer white tea when out and about, but it's a faff carrying hot water, milk and tea bags, so was please to find these. Not a bad taste and quite acceptable for a tea-preferer. Now I just carry hot water in a flask on a day out (when I'm not using a stove)...
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    Overnight Backpack

    My wife and I can carry all we need for a 3/4 night backpacking trip, including what is now a bulkier and heavier tent than modern ones available, in my 45 litre and her 40 litre packs. This includes all food for the trip. Think twice before you buy a huge pack, because there is always the...
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    Re-arrange...foot.. mouth.. in..

    No, but a friend of mine in Egypt has been experimenting with mummification for a couple of years now :)
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    Buffalo or Arktis

    I too have the Buffalo. I'm on my second one after 30 years, not because it's worn out, but because I've grown a bit and it no longer fits me (my wife now wears my original). I too wear a light base layer underneath, because I find it a bit draughty without. I've worn the shirt and salopettes...
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    Here in the High Peak, the temperature has struggled to get to 5º C with under 0º at night. This is just weather, not climate. In 2010 (I think) we had snow lying for 3 months!
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    new DIY wood gassification stove

    I was dubious about their efficiency, so made one, like you, out of 2 tin cans. Fired it up and wow, damned fine stove, so bought a Wild Woodgas Stove, which separates and fits in a billy.
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    Boots resoled ?

    As has already been said - Feet First in Chesterfield, good service and a really helpful chap!
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    Boot-specific treatment advice sought

    Wearing boots in? Wear them! Firstly around the house then out and about. Caring for them? I've tried all sorts - but am most impressed with this, which was recommended by a boot repairer. As he said, leather is "dead skin" so needs "feeding" and the Nikwax does the trick!
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    Lowa Patrol Boots - Pic Heavy

    I have these boots because I detached a ligament and some muscles in my ankle, so need the additional support of a high boot. The chap I bought them from - Feet First recommended this: works really...
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    Alternative to GB Scandinavian Forest Axe

    Have a look at Helko Werk:
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    Hi from Somellier

    I came originally from East Preston, anywhere near where you are?