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    Fire wood Prices?

    If I owned the house (having to rent due to work) I'd have a wood store and start drying my own wood, as you guys show, it's a damn sight cheaper.
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    Fire wood Prices?

    I'm about to move house, we will have a multifuel stove in the living room, but no wood store. The link below looks convenient for us as I won't be able to dry wood and the crate looks tidy (to keep neighbours happy). They also deliver to the door. 1.2 m^2 for £160 kiln dried delivered. I'll...
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    The 'I've found a bargain' thread

    The old model of the husqvarna small splitting axe is cheap from this shop on ebay...
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    They are used with tranquilising darts by vets, therefore all are classed as a section 5 firearm. The same as all the fun stuff; machine guns, pistols etc. Mandatory 5 year sentence. They sell them in some toy shops, I tried to tell a manager once, he couldn't care less. 😲
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    First aid + kit advice for traveling the world please

    That's a good book, but for non medics should be read in advance. The bit about epipens is a bit of an ironic embarrassment though. Nothing beats hands on training though.
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    What do you pack to be FOUND???

    Whistle, signal mirror, ham radio (widebanded incase of emergancy), mobile, day-glow yellow bothy bag, blizzard bag, orange smoke granade, fire lighting kit, torch.
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    The Advantages of A flintlock Gun for Long Term Wilderness Living/Survival.

    For a shotgun you don't need good reason in the same extent that a firearm needs. Expanding is only mandated in the deer act. But apart from that. I've not heard of anyone using a muzzle loader on game beyond pigeons and rabbits.
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    Isle of Man Just so you know when to avoid. I've just booked my ferry to marshal / medic out there for the tt. But I'm sure that fortnight will make the trip very different to the one you were expecting if the dates coincide.
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    carrying of bushcraft knives when out and about - Design Ideas

    A friend's mum is a magistrate. She proudly says that she'd never accept any excuse for carrying a knife. So all it takes is a **** like her and you're in trouble regardless of the situation.
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    Should I be worrying?

    Here is the full dvla list. If you click on the condition is tells you which license it's applicable to.
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    What did you buy today?

    I'd be really interested in hearing a review of these. I've been looking for waterproof radios.
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    Mushrooms in tea.

    I'm sure there are some mushrooms that make very interesting tea.
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    Some usefull info on the effectivness of water treatments/ filters

    I guess you can use it either way. But you need to clean it well after using it on the dirty end.
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    Scissors in Leatherman or SAK..........why ?

    Ever tried trimming that annoying sharp bit of toe nail with a pen knife?
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    Some usefull info on the effectivness of water treatments/ filters

    Sawyer filters are 0.1microns so should be ok. They say they won't catch viruses anyway.
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    What did you buy today?

    DC4 sharpener. Slightly confusing as it came in a CC4 packet.
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    National Trust Pilot Scheme

    This will screw all landscape photographers too. I can see their thinking, but it'll change the face of the outdoors forever. Especially as 1 of the areas is "the lake district"
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    When you're on the menu. What would you do?

    This is what I find confusing. You say you leave it to others, but then say to persuade others not to carry. Everyone in a trip has a skill. For instance I'm planning a kayak trip to Svalbard. I'm bringing the firearms experience and will be the de facto medic. Another guy is much more...
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    When you're on the menu. What would you do?

    They tend to be either k98s (complete with swastikas) or ruger m77s. Both of which have 3 position safety catches (early m77 had a tang safety). There were many failings and the lack of training was just one. It does indeed seem that the rifle was carried as a talisman to comply with the law...
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    Newbie knife advice

    If you have a clas ohlson near you pop in. They have moras for cheap with a good discount if you buy 2. If you're a student you can have another 10% off. I just got another 2 robusts for about £14 for the pair.