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    For Sale Brades Criterion 289 Hatchet 13 3/4" / 35cm

    **Re-listing as now includes sheath/mask** Sympathetically Restored Brades hatchet. Hung on lovely grained hickory, which has been contoured to give a more traditional and ergonomic grip. Lovely steel and nice high centreline for wedging through your camp kindling and stove wood. OAL 13...
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    New Year New Knife

    Looks great amigo. I shall watch with interest to see what you come up with sheath-wise and also what great projects you whittle up with it.
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    UK Woodscraft knife?

    MoT - I think the idea of a fixed blade knife is really a modern one in Woodcraft and especially British woodcraft, where over centuries of developing and excelling at coppicing, our Woodsmen were using quite specific tools for their trade. I believe that a man of the woods would have a pocket...
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    My Grandfather's Hatchet

    Allow me to oblige you with some before, during and after pictures sir. (When I have some better signal or WiFi!)
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    Natural material Packframe

    What a half job! ;-p
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    Gransfors Bruk Double Bit Axe Failure

    Ouch! So long as you are safe, that's the main thing! Hope it gets sorted out without too much hassle amigo. Be sure to post back when they have you all squared away.
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    Natural material Packframe

    Yes, nicely done amigo. Has a lot of potential I'm sure. Did you carve any joints where the pieces meet or are they just lashed?
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    So this is the Pancake thread now?! I have enjoyed seeing you experimented with this 'delicacy' Sam. I hope it didn't trump my sarla, black pudding and buckwheat groats though?!
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    Sold Knivsmed Strømeng 'Old Fashioned' 9" Samekniv

    I've sent you a PM sir. Thank you **SOLD**
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    Withdrawn Brades Criterion 289 Hatchet 13 3/4" / 35cm

    Price drop £40 > £35. Thanks
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    Withdrawn Thai eNep by Santi (Traditional forged)

    Last drop *WITHDRAWN** Cheers folks
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    Withdrawn Duluth Pack Scoutmaster Backpack - Spruce Green

    One time price drop £85 > £75. Thanks for looking.
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    Sold Knivsmed Strømeng 'Old Fashioned' 9" Samekniv

    Last reduction £80 > £75
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    Good place to buy axe handles?

    What's your eye size? You could always go straight and use a pick handle..... .....get the spokeshave out!!!
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    Good place to buy axe handles?

    If you can find (Richard) Carter's handles online, eBay or the likes, they are usually of good quality and have some real estate on them to work into a good shape and profile. I have the benefit of the Factory being only a few miles away from me, and I have gone over and cherry picked mine in...
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    Woodlanders (film series)

    Cheers for the heads up. These look great.