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  1. Savagewolfrm

    Wrong Place I know!!

    Top result. glad she is doing well all the best
  2. Savagewolfrm

    Eyeing Up Another Possible Permission..

    Looks lovely mate. fingers crossed need to get out again soon. very soon
  3. Savagewolfrm

    Just For Fun Smells...

    Creasote reminds me of doing the fence pannelling when i was a kid. brings back memories oh and ladies.. they smell sooooooooo gorgeous
  4. Savagewolfrm


    No chance of a kiss then under it you foxy stoat have a great Christmas pal see you sson in the new year
  5. Savagewolfrm

    December Meet At Colehayes Report!

    Yet again another great meet well done to Ivan for arranging a meet of motley people from all walks having a great time and sharing stories and knowledge. Arrived early Friday to be greeted by our host and his helper, Kaya, who I have ti say wiulx make Ribin hood think twice with a bow. Congrats...
  6. Savagewolfrm

    December Meet At Colehayes.....

    Forget the after dark bit. I will be there about 9 to 9:30. Got me a day off so going to make most of it. See you bright and early you sly old silver haired foxy stoat abd rifle will be packed
  7. Savagewolfrm

    December Meet At Colehayes.....

    I'll be there can't wait. Will see how early can get down
  8. Savagewolfrm

    24 Hour Rat Pack Challenge Report And Pics (Heavy)

    a fantastic account of our weekend surviving with next to nothing but our skills and cunning, looking forward to next one. not so much is she local but would she like some local.. i cried so hard i think a little wee escaped ;)
  9. Savagewolfrm

    Tent Help/advice please?

    a pop up tent lol now that made i larffff if my offer of sticks and tarp do not surfice, i can do a good deal on a cardboard box, so if you get too cold you could always burn it. oh sorry regards dave
  10. Savagewolfrm

    Tent Help/advice please?

    i can do you a great deal. for only 150 quid cash i can supply you with 4 stirdy sticks and an 8ft x 8ft piece of green tarp. cheap at half the price and easy to carry.let me knowyour cockney mateRegards dave
  11. Savagewolfrm

    24 Hour Rat Pack Challenge Report And Pics (Heavy)

    It was stuffed with Edam and down ��
  12. Savagewolfrm

    24 Hour Rat Pack Challenge Report And Pics (Heavy)

    What is it with mouse and our feathered friends lol. Regards Dave
  13. Savagewolfrm

    24 Hour Rat Pack Challenge Report And Pics (Heavy)

    Had a great weekend guys shame I'm back home but hopefully back out in a few weeks as far as I'm aware there was no cheating at all but don't leave rat packs unattended when a certain welsh border gentleman is about no names Richie oops The pheasant was a welcome surprise but not sure I should...
  14. Savagewolfrm

    Dartmoor 24 Hour Rat Pack Challenge....

    yeah im in for that 22nd November for 2 days of fun merriment and mirth and good feasting.. oh wait 1 ration pack oh well who needs to eat looking forward to seeing you guys been way too long
  15. Savagewolfrm

    Dartmoor 24 Hour Rat Pack Challenge....

    gonna see if i can get permission for this one. should be allowed a 24 hour pass. will let you kow in couple of days mate
  16. Savagewolfrm

    Dartmoor October Meet ... The Aftermath!

    Grollox. seems i have missd what was a great weekend etc, why oh why did i have children..? so i could not be there with you all but next time save me 2 trees and keep that fire burning bright. some great pics all the best Guys and Alison. Rick
  17. Savagewolfrm

    Our Summer! Pic Very Heavy!!!

    totally Jealous..
  18. Savagewolfrm

    Rescued Fallow Fawn...

    he wont admit to it but the grey hair old stoat is a real softy.. you gotta love him well done though mate theres a silver cloud with your name on it.. all the best
  19. Savagewolfrm

    Two Newbies get over excited on the edge of Dartmoor at Ivan's permission.

    so jealous looks like you guys had a fantastic time. looking forward to a next meet....HINT HINT old man.... all the best Rick
  20. Savagewolfrm

    The May End Meet...

    mutha pigging blasting crrap. cant make this one guys as am away myself that weekend. gonna miss you all boo hoo next time though im there have a good one but not too great a one lol all the best Rick