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  1. Squidders

    Tarp advice

    I like tarps around 4mx3m and have a hilleberg xp 10 which is the perfect size for me. It's bulky but I love it.
  2. Squidders

    Winter is coming. Is your kit load out changing with the season?

    I add: Ice breaker thermals Ray Mears Canada Jay sleeping bag Nash Tackle hot water bottle with fleece cover. Bridgedale thermal socks Lowe Alpine mountain cap Rab Inferno jacket I remove: Thermarest auriga down blanket Thermarest fitted sheet Tilley hat Bridgedale Coolmax Liner Socks...
  3. Squidders

    What sleeping bags do you own?

    Thermarest Auriga Ray Mears Canada Jay Buffalo Superbag and 4S inner TFGear Chill Out 4 Vango Aurora Double Sleeping Bag
  4. Squidders

    Rollypoly dump pouch alternatives?

    Just get a Sea To Summit Ultrasil Shopping Bag and popper it to something you're carrying.
  5. Squidders

    Best Headtorch?

    Same here... it's brilliant.
  6. Squidders

    Hilleberg Tarp XP20

    Sorry everyone, this sold a while back but I've been moving house and haven't been online. Thanks for all the interest.
  7. Squidders

    Hilleberg Tarp XP20

    I'm selling my big Hilleberg tarp... it's huge and I don't use because I have the XP10 for personal use. Same as this: It's been put up twice just to play with but not used. A little more on it is through this video...
  8. Squidders

    Dry bags?

    ortlieb are my preferred dry bag... I have a few of the incredibly thick ones which must be 10 years old and still going strong. I have one of two of their ultralight ones too which aren't ultralight but far less bulky than the thick ones.
  9. Squidders

    Most hard wearing and Long lasting clothing you own ( and the shortest before thrown)

    fjallraven vidda trousers... they get worn all year round, not just one season and have done so for over 12 years... not a single thread is out of place and they have seen some action!
  10. Squidders

    British army jungle sleeping bag summer use

    Same as Rabid... I have used the bag too. certainly good in hot weather but mine fell apart when jamming the material in the zipper during the night. Your English is pretty good. No worse than mine! ;)
  11. Squidders

    Synthetic modular sleep system - any suggestions as to which to go for?

    I have the US one. I have owned it for a year, it was brand new when I got it and it's still brand new. The quality feels really very good, it's a great size, I know it's been tested to low temperatures without issue and the Thermarest Trail Pro mat I got, goes in it perfectly and rolls up all...
  12. Squidders

    Family camping

    Something like this might be nice... with a smaller sleeping area that's easy to keep warm in the early hours of the morning and a decent vestibule that most people can stand in. Decent price too.
  13. Squidders

    Why am I carrying........ The Sequel.

    It's an easy trap to fall into. I have purchased a few things like that myself, in error in the past but only ever as a bit of fun these days.
  14. Squidders

    Your views on where your gear is made.

    Please strike off the list anything with a YKK Zipper. Obviously Japanese products should be singled out for their inferior quality. Also, any manufacturer that purchases steel from India etc. Honestly, while this list may have good intentions, I find it deeply flawed thinking that certain...
  15. Squidders

    Raisng or lowering a Tarp inside your sleeping bag?

    The bungees and adjustable pole option would work without leaving the shelter. Also, if you have a 6 bungees, one at each corner and one at each end of the ridge line, you could potentially have it bungeed out high and wide but pull the corners down to pre-placed pegs without leaving the...
  16. Squidders

    Panasonic Lumix GF1 with 20mm f/1.7 and 45-200mm f/4.5-5.6 lenses.

    I have had this camera for some time, purchasing it as a replacement for my Nikon D3 with a load of pro lenses and accessories. At the time, it was the only small camera capable of the creative control I wanted and image quality I needed. Even the newer GF models lack as much control with...
  17. Squidders

    Ray mears auscam super tarp used but mint 4.5 m x 3.5 m with stuff sack

    I had a few of the smaller ones and if the huge one is of equal quality it's going to be built like a tank and extremely durable. If I didn't have my Hillebergs, I'd be all over this.
  18. Squidders

    Marshall's bushcraft pictures.

    You always seem to manage to mix in the right amount of fun with everything. kudos to you. Looks lovely in the snow and a nice part of the world.
  19. Squidders

    2 nights camping in cold and mud

    Nice video thanks for sharing. The woods I use get incredibly muddy so I know your pain.
  20. Squidders

    Tent for motorbike camping wanted, also tips!!

    I'd be inclined to buy a tent for you and a tarp that could be rigged between the bikes to share space under. If you were to get a big tarp, it could go some way to covering the bikes its tied to. Just stick a pole up in the middle and you'd have a decent sized shelter... I'm thinking 4.5m x...