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  1. redneck

    Some of my recent work.

    Really like that clip point knife, nice take on an old style.. lovely.
  2. redneck

    For Sale Bushcraft knife 3mm 01

    How utterly stunning, probably the most beautifully aesthetic bushcraft knife I have ever seen.
  3. redneck

    For Sale Various items for sale

    I'll take the pancake sheath please
  4. redneck

    For Sale Various items for sale

    Interested in the pancake sheath..what size knife is it suitable for?
  5. redneck

    commissioned camp knife just finished

    That is utterly stunning..and I really like the steel choice, 80crv2 is a really under rated steel.. lucky man whoever it goes to.
  6. redneck

    Seax WIP

    Most excellent
  7. redneck

    Sold 3 knives

    I'll take the real steel.please
  8. redneck

    Sunday Spoonage

    Superb craftsmanship
  9. redneck

    Input for a new Knife Design

    Some Helle knives that I've had are laminated.. as a result they bend laterally quite easily. I don't use them anymore.
  10. redneck

    Has the bubble burst?

    The bubble burst many years ago and I hope it never gets reinflated. You can then be sure that those people you see on here or those you see out practising are the dedicated core and the ones that really have it in their DNA.
  11. redneck

    My first spoon type thing

    Nothing wrong with that. That's lovely
  12. redneck

    Valentines Spoon

    Lovely pieces of work.
  13. redneck

    Tilley lamp cage removal?

    Use heat on it, they tend to be difficult to move but a quick blast of heat will normally help.
  14. redneck

    Input for a new Knife Design

    Done.. please keep us informed.
  15. redneck

    Making rope from rushes

    Fantastic. Toddy, how do you pull them without crushing and flattening the stems?
  16. redneck

    Withdrawn Hand turned Bowls and Plates

    Got one of these from Paul as a gift for the owner of the permission I use. It's a really incredible piece of craftsmanship, very impressed indeed. Cheers mate.
  17. redneck

    Feather from a ... What?

    Been trying to get a pic upload from Flickr on my phone for the past hour.. I give up.
  18. redneck

    Feather from a ... What? Found what looked like a very far dead and gone raptor of some sort, this was a tail feather.. anybody any idea what it could have been?
  19. redneck

    The End of Internet Knife Sales. Law change could target one-hand opening folders

    I doubt anything will change now anyway, it is what it is, it's a farcical law I think we all agree on that but I can't help thinking that in someway if it did save the life of even one person then it's worth it.