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  1. Woody girl

    Are people in the UK taking Covid19 seriously? If not, why not?

    I've noticed it for a while. Got so used to clear blue skies and no vapour trails I actually noticed one today and stood in wonderment watching it! It's normaly so background that I never notice them. It's the first I've seen for two weeks. Heading for London from USA or somewhere like that...
  2. Woody girl

    Bubble dome greenhouse

    I got it from a seed company. I'm snuggled down now but will give you details tomorrow. This one is the standard and cost £199. Not cheap! They do a bigger one but honestly I could easily sleep four people in this I reckon!
  3. Woody girl

    Bubble dome greenhouse

    I wish I had the room for a proper one but sadly I'm struggling to fit this one in! Time to get cracking and use yours Winnet. Food is going to go up in price and lot. Everyone should try and grow as much as they can. I'm looking at the comming resession and ways I can ease it for myself as...
  4. Woody girl

    Bubble dome greenhouse

    Yes they are vents. It's huge! Quite easy to erect but could have done with a flat area and another set of hands . Would have gone up in much less than the hour it took me alone!.
  5. Woody girl

    Getting fitter

    For me it's the garden. Must have sweated off a couple of pounds putting up my bubble dome greenhouse this afternoon, dug some more beds out of the rough wild area for peas and beans. Eating salads and not much else.
  6. Woody girl

    Bubble dome greenhouse

    Today my bubble dome greenhouse arrived. Took me an hour to erect. Very pleased with it.
  7. Woody girl

    Any Mid Devon Bushcrafters out There?

    I'll look at some smaller sites that allow fires if possible so it can be a bit more like "just us lot" but there is always the worry that many sites will fold and not be available after this. I do know of a nice reasonably cheap one on exmoor with a riverside firepits and access to the open...
  8. Woody girl

    What did you buy today?

    Looks like a bit of metal to me.:)
  9. Woody girl

    Early Easter Bunny

    Sweet little chap/ chapess. . I do like eating the chocolate ones myself rather than this version. Too cute for the pot.
  10. Woody girl

    Any Mid Devon Bushcrafters out There?

    No nothing ever came of it as far as I know. At least I heard nothing myself. A bit difficult at the moment due to the present lockdown but hopefully everyone will have their tongues hanging out by the time it's over so perhaps we could meet then. I'm thinking that we could all meet up...
  11. Woody girl

    TheGreat British Campout for the NHS

    Oh for a bit of flat garden. Mines all a slope and the tendency is to find yourself nose pressed firmly to the wall of the tent! May try a camp bed and bivvy bag if I can find a 6×4 flat bit. Last time I tried I rolled off the camp bed after a few hours asleep. Rather a rude awakening. ! Gave...
  12. Woody girl

    A `Being Sick` supply.

    My go to is lucosade. I got in several bottles just in case. It was always a go to when I was poorly as a kid and I still use it these days. Dioralite is a good option and you can get it in the flavoured varieties. I think the blackcurrant is best for taste. I'm taking 500mg of vitamin c...
  13. Woody girl

    Arum Maculatum

    Tee Dee realy please don't experiment with this. You realy don't want to end up in hospital right now. It poisonous. Avoid like the plague. .. it's just not a plant to play games with. It certainly won't be fun if you eat this. All my foraging books say do not mistake for young garlic...
  14. Woody girl

    The scent of nostalgia

    New mown grass brings back my childhood. Haymaking was a lovely time. We used to have horses so the smell of leather saddlesoap hay straw and horse manure and sweat bring back sweet memories. A smell I've not smelt for a long time is the sweet hot dusty smell of wheat being cut on a hot...
  15. Woody girl

    Are people in the UK taking Covid19 seriously? If not, why not?

    Happy birthday to Mrs Broch. Glad you are safely home from the wilderness of tesco. :)
  16. Woody girl

    Are we buying more or less stuff?

    Very little indeed. In the past 3 weeks I've bought A phone top up voucher 4 bags of compost I bag of soil conditioner Sprouting seeds I have bought enought food to keep me going and need buy only milk though I have dried milk and several cartons of almond milk so not realy needed. I'm taking...
  17. Woody girl

    Exercise in covid-19 lockdown

    Me? I'm gardening! exercise and food production in one.
  18. Woody girl

    Home Veg Plot

    Tip for growing beans. Dig a trench and line with newspapers . Put in all your veg scraps and water well. Allow to rot down a fair bit. Then add some soil to planting depth. Water well plant the beans you've brought on in pots and add a cane trellis or wigwam if you short on space(dig a...
  19. Woody girl

    Are people in the UK taking Covid19 seriously? If not, why not?

    One trick I've learned of is to wear plastic lightweight rain gear that can be quickly and easily washed down with bleach or dettol and left to dry outside the house . So preventing bringing infected clothing into the home. You might look a bit silly on a warm dry day...... but who cares if...
  20. Woody girl

    Land By The River

    I think this is ideal for things like blackcurrants and other woodland edge fruits. Have a look at permaculture . They have many books and ideas of this sort of gardening. I think Patrick Whitefield did a book on forest or woodland gardening . Forgotten what it's called but it would be a great...