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  1. Robson Valley

    Being discrete in nature - colour Vs cammo?

    No water here but the big wide Fraser river. Best chance is pass shooting as the birds move from one foraging area to another. Regular as clockwork. Low and slow. I think the dogs liked running around in the fields without the ice and water. Might be a wheat field or a pea field with no...
  2. Robson Valley

    Fallkniven S1

    What I call the "Kestrel Constant", named for the bladesmiths. Palm up, fist grip, the tips of your second and third fingers should just barely touch the fat ball part of your thumb. This is very important with wood carving hand tools like crooked knives, that you...
  3. Robson Valley

    Bubble dome greenhouse

    I need 2 of those so badly. Snow still up to 100 cm deep in my back yard. Thanks for stopping for a minute to take pictures.
  4. Robson Valley

    Native American Ethnobotany - free database

    Wonderful. Thank you. There's a dramatic shift in biogeoclimatic conditions east and west of the Rocky Mountains. I live in the west slope, facing the Pacific. Much wetter here and geologically recent so very poor mineral soils for the most part. It's refreshing to find any thorough...
  5. Robson Valley

    Being discrete in nature - colour Vs cammo?

    I don't know if punt guns, the market gunners, are legal any more. My dog was originally bred to work those downed birds. (Chesapeake Bay Retrievers). Refrigeration kind of put an end to daily meat shopping. Some places, the Snow Geese do so much crop and field damage that there's no bag...
  6. Robson Valley

    Being discrete in nature - colour Vs cammo?

    Our local village deer (Mule) are so accustomed to people that they will check out your groceries as you carry bags to the house. Camo seems so academic and funny under these circumstances! Hunting Canada geese will teach you lessons. 1. Cover your head and your hands. Above all, sit still...
  7. Robson Valley

    recommendations please, cordless screw driver

    I use a 2006 Makita with a fixed 4.8 VDC battery. For the age and for what it is, I'm quite happy with even its faults. 220 rpm and reversing is not fast enough for jobs beyond inserting medium sized screws. The magnetic socket does a really poor job of holding interchangeable bits. However...
  8. Robson Valley

    Armchair Bushcraft

    A dry and warm indoor bathroom has a great appeal to me. I can still remember the "fallen log loo" days.
  9. Robson Valley

    Being discrete in nature - colour Vs cammo?

    I've used paint. Shades of grays and tans. Brush it on for branches and shadows. Not much green at all as our understory isn't very green. The canopy is green but I'm not hunting up there. It's "break-up" camo. Just enough to disturb the expected lines of my human shape. NatGear snow camo...
  10. Robson Valley

    Fire pit options

    Fire pit = fire ring = usually a large 6' ring of stone or mineral blocks, 12-24"high and filled with sand. So the fire is in front of you, not down below you and coming up your nose. It has to be that big so you have some control over fire size and shape for cooking. Add a cooking rack or...
  11. Robson Valley

    corona virus projects any one?

    Swotty:What's your favorite libation for the kuksa christening?
  12. Robson Valley

    Are people in the UK taking Covid19 seriously? If not, why not?

    Most businesses here in the village have closed. Some forever, I imagine. I can get really good take away food for the nights at the weekend. I have a volunteer shopper with my info and grocery list, delivered inside my front door. I can go out and about by myself, as much as I please, just...
  13. Robson Valley

    Fire pit options

    Steel lorry wheels. The perforated drum liner out of a washing machine or an electric tumble dryer is good. We can't have any biomass fires because of the effects that smoke has on respiration compromised by COVID-19. Very spotty concern related to thermal inversions in valleys.
  14. Robson Valley

    Will old Birch still be good

    I have done birch carving. It's a sweet wood with a high sugar content in the sap. That increases the risk of fungus rotting. Beat on it for a "tap note" which will sound solid. Peel some bark and save that for fire tinder. Look at the wood. If you see spalting, a web of chocolate-colored...
  15. Robson Valley

    Trench Candles

    Their multitude always make your camp pictures so warm and inviting. Sparks of good cheer.
  16. Robson Valley

    Trench Candles

    Carve a kudlik (quilliq), an Inuit soapstone cooker lamp. The seal blubber fuel might be hard to source. Sheep tallow or bacon fat would be OK. Just some fuel that solidifies at room temp and colder for the sake of transportation. You can likely get Brazilian soapstone as easily as I can.
  17. Robson Valley

    Rasp knives

    Bravo! Very "bash-worthy" knives.
  18. Robson Valley

    COVID Garden Camping!

    Looks like fun. I eat and drink far too much on those trips. Still 2' of snow and 5' drifts in my back yard, more snow in the night. Total ban on any outdoor biomass fires ( wood, etc) as the smoke is hard on respiration. Petrol camp stoves and propane BBQ are still OK. In a past(?) life, what...
  19. Robson Valley

    Armchair Bushcraft

    I wonder if our lives don't mimic the time line of a butterfly. Every stage has a different interaction with the environment. The eggs. The several instar stages of the feeding caterpillar threatened by all manner of predators. Parasites? Hangers-on to incubate in the silken cocoon? Life is a...
  20. Robson Valley

    Cattail ( Typha Latifolia )

    I have a bunch of other First Nations books, mostly on art and carvings, museum collections and biographies. Everyone with even the faintest interest in bushcraft needs to own a copy of Wildwood Wisdom. It's a reprint from 1945, Jaeger was a Museum director with a special interest in First...