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  1. Steve - look at the view

    Wild camping in Scotland. Need some advice

    mick, like people say it depend how far you want to drive and how far you want to walk, arrive late leave early and using a small stove and you can kip in some lovely places - get far from people and you can be a bit bore relaxes. I can provide some pointers for a spot on the shore of lock ness...
  2. Steve - look at the view

    TRITIUM NITE GLOWRING - Always on GITD tag - Beta decay - 9 colours 3 tints

    thank you very much, nice - slightly embarrassing question, what do I do with / what use am I likely to find for the magnesium powder?
  3. Steve - look at the view

    TRITIUM NITE GLOWRING - Always on GITD tag - Beta decay - 9 colours 3 tints

    you can bin my packaging as well please thanks for doing this it must be a right faff. cheers - steve
  4. Steve - look at the view

    TRITIUM NITE GLOWRING - Always on GITD tag - Beta decay - 9 colours 3 tints

    can I have 4 of the brightest green ones (I thing these are the clear ones?) and a couple of the screw store things (not fussy on colour) list copied/pasted/updated below - got your hundred total now. how do I pay and supply address? thanks - steve 1. Midnitehound 4xClear 1xTint (2xGreen...
  5. Steve - look at the view

    Alternative to Freeplay Ranger - Advice needed please.

    hi there, my ranger died, its sitting in the garage so as I never thought about changing the batters and I now know it possible I will do that - cheers for the link Nohoval Turrets - it cant be too hard, might post a how to do it if successful. I have been using a Pure Move 400d - excellent...
  6. Steve - look at the view

    NORTH BRISTOL short notice

    Going for a Walk tomorrow evening With another forum Member to check out Some likely spots for a bit of wild camping if anyone Would Like to come along PM me. Setting off 1800 ish 5 min away from M4/M32 Junction - I can Direct you to Parking. NB Will be having a beer on Route. making the...
  7. Steve - look at the view

    Where to wild camp in south Gloucestershire?

    see ive sent you a PM cheers steve
  8. Steve - look at the view

    Writing a letter asking for permission to camp

    for what it's worth a lot of people won’t know what bushcraft is so don’t say "can I do bushcraft in your wood" considering some of the other less savory nocturnal activities that go on you may not get the response you want. Start by just asking for access, if you can wing-it (sorry about the...
  9. Steve - look at the view

    River Walk South Glous

    Dropped wife, kids and mother off at Birmingham Airport at 4:30 am Sat so was back in Bristol early and having watched the sun coming up knew it was going to be a nice day - thought about driving to Dartmoor to see Ivan and gang (hello all) but then thought about the traffic and decided to stay...
  10. Steve - look at the view

    Hi From Bristol

    Hi there welcome to the forum Cheere Steve
  11. Steve - look at the view

    Camper van and paddling in lochs.

    lock Maree Good Parking Camping spot off A832 (about a mile before road turns away from the Lock travelling west) RH side. Lots of islands . I have camped on a Couple. there is an old grave yard on one - Beautiful. but you are likely to be the only red blooded food Source for Miles So make...
  12. Steve - look at the view

    Bristol Bimble, Sometime in May

    Kard133 - yep that’s the wood, lots of history in that wood, the interesting trees are in the Arboretum and paradise bottom is in the eye of the beholder (ponds and small falls - all manmade but abandoned and overgrown (now sort of restored by well-meaning idiots), i think a lot of it is that...
  13. Steve - look at the view

    Bristol Bimble, Sometime in May

    hello all, i will keep an eye on thread and come along (if diary, wife, kids and life allows) will confirm when you have a date. one question though - why leigh woods (one of the most managed and busiest in the county?) Oak wood a bit further out (car park in front of leigh court farm) is far...
  14. Steve - look at the view

    Calling all Bristol member's

    South Glous (so it says on the council tax bill) Bristol on the address. are you organizing something or counting people? steve
  15. Steve - look at the view

    Avon bushcrafter

    hello and welcome, south glous me, can i see your canoe? is it strip, stich and pannel, bark? also an engineer who likes to build things i will PM you, cheers steve
  16. Steve - look at the view

    Up to £3500 to spend on a 4x4

    Look at DISCO TDI 200 or 300 avoid DISco ii (TD 5 engine Nice but expensive to fix) get a decant rack and a Ladder on back and stand on wheels to get Canoe on Top these are all getting a bit old now so check for rust everywhere. Defenders are a bit less comfortable I have driven everywhere in a...
  17. Steve - look at the view

    Hello - On a rainy Saturday in Bristol !

    Hello Ben (again). l am glad you took my nudge and stopped lurking and joined up. please dont call my man cave a shed (the shed is even less organised). lots of Bushy places around Bristol and some interesting places to take a paddle in the area as well so hopefully we can organise some...
  18. Steve - look at the view


    i am / was comming, Luke ive PM you - give me a ring will the pub let me bring the dog in? steve
  19. Steve - look at the view


    ok luke - give it a go - suggest a pub and time,i should be able to make it. cheers steve
  20. Steve - look at the view

    Dorset meet

    Ejcb Thats a great Offer - where are you? whats access Like, So many question. I will PM You , l expect you will have a good response people are always looking for somewhere to go cheers Steve