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    YP Taonta Forge Finland Puukko Leuku Axe Homestead tools

    My browser ask install? Then I allowed (not installed) and it worked
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    YP Taonta Forge Finland Puukko Leuku Axe Homestead tools

    this guy is amazing hand forged in Finland knives: Vuolupuuko 100 mm 5mm stock 96 euro :) Leuku 150 mm 115 euro! blades: tools n Finnish Axe:
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    Favourite Vegan and Vegetarian dish

    vegetarian (I could never be vegan) Paneer Sak!
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    Varusteleka - the strange surplus shop from Finland

    great stuff!" really like the Gorka suit
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    Great surplus kit that has gone...

    yes get it while you can stock from cold war stuff is getting rare all EU countries destroy most of their uniform and Kit now a days. Through the shredder, making couch filling etc. Even German flecktarn stuff is rare now, if you see it, last stock.....
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    Return of the classic Twodogs wool bushshirt.

    Looks superb! Well done. Made in UK I have a Hooded Bushshirt by Swanndri twice the price and no hand pockets...
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    Sheath for my Terävä Jääkäripuukko!

    Love it! I like it like that. Wetformed the way to go Just some pinetar n beeswax on it et voila!
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    More leather bush hats

    Crazy good Love to see the crafts at peak level
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    Recommendations for a handmade leather belt

    Copy the Northmen / John Neeman model yourself. Lots of fun. Lots of photos on their site. I just like doing it.
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    Got Aigle natural rubber standard model with 50% discount at Decathlon. Just good muckboots.
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    Volunteering, work in the Cairngorms

    big hug! Cool huh!
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    Volunteering, work in the Cairngorms

    ceasefire! has come hihi Peace on earth!
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    great traditional Swedish Hiking channel

    I know one does not like modern gear at all. He (like me) dislikes Molle, tac gear, too fancy gear..... Especially on Instagram there are a lot of ECD, Molle, Tac bushcrafters, and I think he is allergic to that haha! So maybe it has a reason. But dont know for sure. But indeed it would be very...
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    Volunteering, work in the Cairngorms

    Hahaha! Ah common it's a discussion. Let me get a stroopwafel for you to go with the coffee. For real coffee here too. We just do not agree on this one. Enjoy Easter tomorrow and quit saterday today. Peace my friends!
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    great traditional Swedish Hiking channel

    thanks Janne! yeah I agree, very nice to see. I love the footage, gear and attitude. And we need more of them ;)
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    Volunteering, work in the Cairngorms

    post scriptum: it finally dawned on me! Britain, Wales and Scotland still got the English upper and high class system embedded in their culture. Och I was slow to understand that! That why the Scandinavian and Dutch people here dont get it!
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    great traditional Swedish Hiking channel Hekke on YouTube and Somforr on Instagram He deserves more subs! Hiking and bushcraft in its essence!
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    Volunteering, work in the Cairngorms

    he where did my post go? haha
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    Volunteering, work in the Cairngorms

    25 hours a week is not voluntary any more... Come on... Slave is indeed an overstatement. But people use overstatements in a discussion. If people have enough backup by parents or some other backup, one can do whatever he wants. But in general it's this is a debt making situation for normal...
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    Gear made in Europe and the UK.

    Thank you Leshy!! Thank you Toddy!! Great info here, thanks for helping out everybody.