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    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    Please don't take this the wrong way but it would help if you put pictures up and details of the items rather than a three word description and nothing else. I have done a trade with you in the past, I can't even remember what I traded or if it was a purchase but the little LeCreuset frying pan...
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    Fire pit options

    I'm making my own from a gas cylinder. I'm using it as an excuse to learn welding.
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    Posting pictures?

    Ahhh, OK. I'm not a full member.
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    Posting pictures?

    Is it possible to post pics without using photobucket or similar. I've tries searching but the Pictures and photos: how do I post them? (tutorial) indicated full members only but is also a little old.
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    Free Steel Winch Rope - Free

    Try a local farmer? When I replaced my winch cable my Dad (a farmer) had the old cable off me.
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    Question about wool insulation and felt

    We once managed to pick up half a dozen eggs from "Free range, vegetarian chickens" :O_O:
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    Sold Craghopper Down Jacket

    Yes please. I'll drop you a PM Cheers Grebby
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    Wanted Hammock

    I have a DD Travel hammock and snugpak underquilt in the spares cupboard (along with way too many other bits). If you are interested drop me a PM and we can see what we can sort out? Cheers Grebby
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    Has anyone modded a Hennessy Hammock?

    Chris, have you tried Dutch's Beetles? I just have a dyneema endless loop on each end of my hammock and the Beetles hook onto those. My setup isn't for lightweight but just for simplicity. The Beetles just live on long tree straps. Just wing the strap end round the tree and pass it through its...
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    Song of the Paddle forum.....

    I've dropped MagiKelly a message.
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    Song of the Paddle forum.....

    I'm on there. They have just moved to being hosted by tappatalk but as far as I know all is well and all accounts were transferred over. What is/was your username? I can ask MagiKelly if he can take a look. Cheers Grebby
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    Trapping Supplies Clear out

    I'm interested in the Fenn traps. I'll drop you a PM.
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    Willow basket makers?

    Thank you :) I'll try getting hold of Jules then. :D
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    Willow basket makers?

    Hi, My wife is looking to get a woven basket to use as a washing basket. She is fed up of the plastic ones cracking. Does anyone on here make baskets or have suggestions for a basket maker? Current plastic one is an oval shape about 65cm long by 40cm wide and 30cm deep. Cheers Grebby
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    Bury or burn?
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    For Sale Silicon oven mats.

    Arrived today :) Thanks you
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    Canoes / kayaks - family recommendations?

    I too have an Apache canoe (14ft) and agree with Brock about how friendly they are. Stu answered any questions/queries I had whilst I was assembling mine (bought in kit form) and Mark has been on a couple of the same paddles as me and is also a lovely bloke. If they are close enough go see them...
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    For Sale Silicon oven mats.

    Could I take 2 please? I'll drop you a PM Cheers Ian
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    what tools do i need to do everything

    Mine is already on a galv chassis. I was takin' the P :)