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  1. BJJJ

    Soggy crisps

    I went for a stroll this morning along the river Severn near Ironbridge. The nice little pub called the Boat Inn was Currently submerged a bit. This particular pub has dates and lines on the door marking all the previous flood levels. It must be heart breaking to have this happen several...
  2. BJJJ

    Storm Clara destroys the Miners bridge

    I have just seen another casualty of storm Clara. The famous miners bridge over a tributary of the river Conwy at Betws-y-coed has been washed away.
  3. BJJJ

    Woodland night visitor -What is it?

    The quality suffers from uploading but it is still very obscure. at the start of the video there is a creature at the base of the tree. I estimate it's size to be about 35cm body length based on the tree dimensions. any ideas on what it is?
  4. BJJJ

    Day Out Rhine river walk

    I had a quick trip to Chur and managed to get some time for a walk along the river. Hand operated zip line for anyone brave enough to try?
  5. BJJJ

    Black tufted eared sqirrel with white bib

  6. BJJJ

    Structural ridge line on a DD hammock

    I am sure this has been done before but I have never been 100% happy with the comfort in a DD hammock. I changed my original for an XL but still had the same issues. Slipping down, compressed shoulders and couldn't get a good nights sleep. I know this is because of the way I hang it. Generally...
  7. BJJJ

    Day Out Overnight in the wood

    Giving my new hammock a tryout last night. I automatically put the tarp up and then packed it away after realising it wouldn't be necessary. It was a fine night.
  8. BJJJ

    Pigeon deterrent

    Came home yesterday to find a very efficient pigeon deterrent had installed itself in my garden. several magpies were shouting abuse at it but it totally ignored them and dismembered it's lunch. feathers everywhere when it finally finished.
  9. BJJJ

    Woodland stewardship

    I have very recently completed on a wood. There are old sweet chestnut and oaks, and it has been totally unmanaged for some time. This beech with the huge fungi is still living but has the top blown off by what looks like a lightning strike. I intend to just use the wood for chilling out and...
  10. BJJJ

    Some stills from my current Swiss trip

    Rhine valley at Chur river crossing ?? view from work site bit of a scramble at the top The oldest town in Switzerland. 30 degrees and still snow on the mountains . From my walk along the Rhine. And it is legal to have a campfire anywhere in Switzerland. Shame I didn't bring my DSLR...
  11. BJJJ

    seasons greetings from a wet and windy north Wales

    Hi Guys, just to say hello and I have browsed the forum and already benefited from your expertise and tips. BJJJ