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  1. Adze

    Grey Squirrel Cull

    More likely French ;) Red squirrels are a 'least concern' species according to the IUCN. Local genetic diversity notwithstanding, there's nothing wrong with eating them, just ensure your personal harvest is a sustainable one. In the UK the sustainable harvest of reds would be a zero harvest.
  2. Adze

    I Blame Ray Mears - narrowly escaped widow maker

    Trolling is towing a lure or bait behind the boat, usually by rowing but powered boats too, in the hope of catching 'that one stupid fish'. If you read the Internet use of it into that, the troll is the method, not the person, they would be a troller.
  3. Adze

    Grey Squirrel Cull

    If you can think of it, chances are someone has already done it...
  4. Adze

    Catapult Ammo

    There are a few places still and there's always this stuff Tetraboost - Makes real leaded fuel but my point was really that both are incredibly tiny factors.
  5. Adze

    Catapult Ammo

    That's the easy bit: Lead vs steel, in the smaller sizes then Janne is correct that the difference in size is virtually negligible. However, in those sizes neither lead nor steel carry enough energy to be...
  6. Adze

    Hello from the Middle East

    Errmmm... we appear to be missing post 0
  7. Adze

    Catapult Ammo

    Catapult 'ballistics' can't really be compared to firearms for a simple reason: rubber bands have a fixed maximum speed of contraction whereas firearms are far superior in terms of how fast it will make a projectile travel based on quantity of propellant and the length of the barrel it's fired...
  8. Adze

    Rustic mushroom knife for a friend. Finally complete!

    I handled my spoon knife blades (from Dave Budd, top chap well worth a look if you'd like a quality bit of metalwork) with antler tines like that, it makes for a surprisingly strong and versatile grip, notwithstanding that I like the way it looks too. Top job Samon.
  9. Adze

    Plant id needed please

    Looks like beetroot, both leaf and stem, to me. If there's more than a few of them, can you have a little dig around and see if there's a tuber?
  10. Adze

    Volvo XC90 or other large 6+ seater

    With LPG they're comparable £s per mile as a diseasal too ;)
  11. Adze

    Volvo XC90 or other large 6+ seater

    What does it claim for the urban figure?
  12. Adze

    Volvo XC90 or other large 6+ seater

    Is that the manual or the auto? I used the car for the school run in the mornings twice and it blitzed through almost a quarter of a tank, which was a bit scary. At no point did I play to its strengths, i.e. motorway cruising, which I suspect improves the combined figure quite a lot. Stop...
  13. Adze

    Volvo XC90 or other large 6+ seater

    Excellent engines but thirsty. I had a loan of a XC90 D5 auto a while ago, the MPG were pitifully low, worse than my Defender by a long way, although faster and more comfortable.
  14. Adze

    Dash & Dam

    Great pic! These are the woods Faerie tales are still warning us about :) They've come a long way in so few years haven't they? :D
  15. Adze

    Best AA / AAA torch needed without breaking the bank

    These have gone up in price: I think both mine were under £12 when I bought them ~ 4 years ago. Both still bright and vibrant, one is my EDC torch. Highly recommended though even for an extra couple of quid. It will burn a tripleA...
  16. Adze

    Best AA / AAA torch needed without breaking the bank

    These are hilariously good value: With the up-side that they make you look slightly more Dalek like if you wear them correctly.
  17. Adze

    Optimus Hiker Plus

    You can vary the flame on mine from barely a simmer to "heart of the sun", doesn't yours have the same?
  18. Adze

    Quite wisky

    If you want to thicken cream then you need a whisk. If you want to make an omelet, use a fork.
  19. Adze

    Email Backup or Archive on/from Mac?

    Buy another external drive and enable Time Machine. It's one of the most user friendly backup softwares on the market and ships free with OS X on a Mac (from 10.6 onwards I believe but happy to be corrected) You can also use the time machine backup to move data from an old Mac to a new one...
  20. Adze

    Bow Saw- Should Have Check Before Buying

    I give up, you're right they don't exist. Why not roll pins? They're usually carbon or spring steel, are cheap, can be salvaged from a broken or blunt blade for re-use, don't need heat to apply like a soldered pin, won't slip if they're sized correctly the list of 'why to' just goes on and on.