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  1. Fraxinus

    Chicken coop plans or dim's

    My google fu is letting me down, loads of dead ends or dead links. Do any of you good souls have links to or book suggestions on making chicken coops or even what dimensions are preferable to homing six to eight chooks happily. Thanks for any input. Rob.
  2. Fraxinus

    More re=purposed flooring

    Late last summer I rescued some boards of American Black Walnut (ABW) that had been leftover from a job, by a client of mine. They were discarding a fair bit of surplus flooring via a blooming great bonfire :eek: All of it was tongued and grooved and of various lengths which I initially thought...
  3. Fraxinus

    Uses for hook on a SAK

    This video popped up in my "you might like" box today, it is quite interesting with some neat thinking behind them. All about uses for possibly the least used attachment on any Swiss army knife. The parcel hook or tent peg puller. Just thought it worth...
  4. Fraxinus

    Just read fixnzip post

    Just read Mr Fenna's post/review of this item but my reply sends me to a report to admin page with a link that does not work. So:- While the cost of this product seems, initially, expensive the cost of having a new zip fitted to an item can cost more than than the item itself. Luckily the last...
  5. Fraxinus

    Shave Horse from Offcuts (Updated)

    Last Wednesday I had a bit of a tidy up at work and then decided to write the rest of the day off and make this from the scraps of flooring and leftover bits of ironmongery that's been kicking around for quite some time. It is based on the Veritas plans I'd seen but as I did not have a full set...
  6. Fraxinus

    Elderflower Champagne problems

    i have a batch on the go (first attempt) and it is looking decidedly mouldy on top, after 4 days, where have I gone wrong? We are talking the blue/green mould not the frothy yeasty growth one sees in the videos on the tube. Cheers, Rob.
  7. Fraxinus

    Felling a 40m tree

    Saw this in my in box, not sure where to post it really but it is well worth a watch..... (Caution: May cause vertigo) Rob.
  8. Fraxinus

    Bit of wood and a bit of leather

    I had some offcuts of leather and some bits of oak kicking about and decided to find a use for them. First up was a couple of strops for my carving knives, one for my Mora spoon knife which meant a first go at saddle stitching (boy is that hard on the fingers!) and a flat one for the straight...
  9. Fraxinus

    Alpkit head torch clearance

    Alpkit are reducing the price of some of their head torch range, I took advantage of that and purchased an Arc model saving £8.50 Link to page... It arrived today but not being up to speed with how they work (Alpkit) I had to ring them to suss out how to get the...
  10. Fraxinus

    Butchery master at work

    This guy shows how to do a lot of stuff with both meat and seafood, it is however, the way he shows how to prep whole carcases into joints or what one might find pre-packed in a supermarket (only better) that makes me want to share what Scott Rea does. This video link is just so anyone...
  11. Fraxinus

    Wild Edibles, What, Where, When

    Off the back of Samon's thread as it seems he is a tad shy to start it up ( Mods feel free to adjust this thread as deemed necessary ) I shall take up the idea and try to promote it onwards. 19/01/16 Kent Common Sorrel (Rumex acetosa) Taste and smells like apple peel, sour Bramley apple...
  12. Fraxinus

    Too Early For Sorrel ?

    Found these today, looks like Sorrel, when crushed smells like apple peel My books say April to May so is this just too early for it? or are they not so correct? Rob.
  13. Fraxinus

    The Magic of Mushrooms on BBC

    The Magic of Mushrooms is available on BBC i-player for the next 28 days if any of you missed it first time round. Very interesting programme, I thought. Posted in this section due to time limit on availability so not really one for the resources/media threads. Rob.
  14. Fraxinus

    Weather Reports & Their Failures

    What is wrong with the met office these days? More noticeably the variations between the BBC tv and online predictions! Two weeks ago I set about stripping the side off a house to be drenched in minutes when the report had been conflicting twixt the two, I went with the more favourable one :(...
  15. Fraxinus

    Pipistrelle bat

    Found this little fella on the decking at a clients house this morning, did not appear to be injured, just cold. So put him in an old bird box to keep the wind off and out in the sun. Less than an hour later he had flown away. Not much bigger than a 9 volt battery and very cute, took just one...
  16. Fraxinus

    Adaptions To Storm Kettles

    Well I had a brain fart a while back and it has actually come good ;) Taken me ages to sort it all out (not wanting to spend money on it! ) It started when on a sea kayaking trip I realised that I was lugging too much kit with me and wanted to reduce it, next was when my penny stove needed some...
  17. Fraxinus

    Been Busy With Own Grown

    We have only had a bit of garden since moving in here in April and it has taken a lot of work but the rewards are coming along. From left to right:- 2 jars of Candy striped Beetroot Pickle, 2 jars of Red Beetroot Pickle, 3 jars of Golden Beetroot Pickle, 2 jars of foraged pickled samphire, 3½...
  18. Fraxinus

    Eating Spoon

    Just had some spare time while herself's car got mot'd and serviced and got this finished. I thought I'd do a bit more kolrosing and put a compass on there to help me find my mouth ;) plus my initials. It is Birch with walnut oil finish and ground cinnamon rubbed into the knife cuts. Rob.
  19. Fraxinus

    Canned Bread?

    Anyone know of an outlet in the UK? just saw it on an american video, just after the 6 minute mark. It looked quite moist and fluffy even after a grilling so has me intrigued. Rob. P.S. the BBQ Pit boys have some very tasty recipes if you're not vegan:lmao:
  20. Fraxinus

    Pocket fire starter kit

    I decided that the tobacco tin kit I have is too big for the pocket of my new PFD and as I am out sea kayaking tomorrow now was a good time to do something about it.:D I am almost out of air rifle ammo but the tin of pellets that came with it has a screw top lid and is 80mm Diameter and 22mm...