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  1. Nicholson95

    Food Food Food!

    Hey there! Haven't been on here in a while so thought id post something fairly useful or interesting for bush crafters and survivalists alike. as you all probably know we all need food to live. so I have been wondering dose anyone go out of there way to have nutritional or great tasting meals...
  2. Nicholson95

    Walk about/ camp food :) yumm!

    What food do you bring when your going walk-about or when camping?? I personally have taken in the past :- 24hr Mod Rat pack. Salami. Sandwiches. Rice. Pasta. Haggis. Bacon. Eggs. I know not much right? well I was looking for some new ideas :D Lovley scoff ;) Stay Frosty Iain
  3. Nicholson95

    Tree Identification Skills - Help

    Hey I was just wondering does anyone know of a book that has ALL british trees and how to identify them? I know tree identification skills can be picked up along the way, I mean I know how to identify the basics like Birch, Beech, Pine and Oak. But i want to fast track my learning of this...
  4. Nicholson95

    Bahco laplander folding saw & gurkha kukri

    Ive only this week purchased a Bahco Laplander folding saw and I wont be able to try it out untill Saturday. I usually carry a normal wood saw like the ones builders and joiners use but its just to bulky and awkward to use/transport in the bush, so I think this is a good investment. I only...
  5. Nicholson95

    Bush-craft Quotes (please add your own)

    "Take only memories, leave only footprints." - Ray Mears "Everything is edible, even the things that are not... Those kill you... Learn the difference..." "The best knife is the one you have with you when you need it." Rabbits are there to feed everything else, and they know it" - Ben...
  6. Nicholson95

    Pentland Hills - Edinburgh and Surrounding Areas

    Does anybody have any nice quiet areas of the Pentland Hills that they enjoy going to? if so please share? or any ware in the south east of Scotland that is quite nice? Thanks Iain.
  7. Nicholson95

    My Intro and Philosophy

    Hello I am Iain Nicholson, I'm from a town called Livingston just out side of Edinburgh. I started of getting into bash craft when I was training to join the army (I changed my mind after a while) and also the fact my brother is a game keeper and we used to go camping as children. I only really...