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  1. weekender

    Byways and highways

    How's that for a byway! Well I'm impressed anyway..👍😎 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. weekender

    Aaaand relax

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. weekender

    A tree id please

    I have been having a read on tree identification nothing too studious, but whilst having a bimble along a soon to be lost bridlepath I spotted this tree am I right in thinking it may be a Lyme ?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. weekender

    Patina question

    I've put a forced patina on a knife using malt vinegar, now I like the grey finish it leaves, but obviously when I strop/hone the blade this patina will polish off. Is there a way of making a permanent patina? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. weekender

    Tent re proofing

    Good evening the collective mind that is BCUK Last time I went family glamping the Vango Marista 6 person tent held up ok but I noticed that water was no longer beading off but pooling and sitting on the surface also some of the seams were letting water through. My questions are what are your...
  6. weekender

    Bivi bags

    I'm liking the weight and small pack size of the Snugpak SF bivi bag but not the price especially when you have to add the extra tenner for the long version!! Does anyone know of cheaper alternatives of equal spec ie pack size and weight of the above. I'm not adverse to having a bash at making...
  7. weekender


    I'm after a not to large amount of leather, I'm having no luck skinning a sofa locally I was just wondering where people get their leather off cuts from? Sent from somewhere?
  8. weekender

    Self reliance outfitters

    I just thought I would mention good service as its due. I recently bought a bottle a cup set from the above (completely forgot HH do them!!) it was a good price gen2 set. When it arrived the holes in the cup didn't line up with the slots in the lid, tried to contact them and found I couldn't use...
  9. weekender

    What is it and what put it there??

    Having a wander last week and come across this in a fallen tree I was about to sit on....? Anyone? I would love too know I'm fascinated. Sent from somewhere?
  10. weekender

    He who plays with knives....

    Will eventually cut himself Just left A&E in and out in an hour very impressed. Sent from somewhere?
  11. weekender

    Dutch oven help

    I've just rescued a Dutch oven its in fairly good nick but does appear to have gone rusty inside and also wanting to be sure it's clean before using it what's best to clean it and how to proceed before it's safe to use?? Sent from somewhere?
  12. weekender

    Ray Mears LR advert If this isn't in the right place please move😊 Sent from somewhere?
  13. weekender


    Has anyone got a list of the mods and do they have a rota system as too who is available. I have a query and would like to speak to someone. Thanks Sent from somewhere?
  14. weekender

    Hip flask

    Hello everyone With Xmas coming I'm in the market for a new larger hip flask has anyone got some recommendations for where to purchase out of the ordinary style flasks?? Looking for ideas and where to get one... Ta Sent from somewhere?
  15. weekender

    Day out in the woods

    Had a great day out looking round some woods. Some great fungi about as well Me and the boy stopped for a spot of lunch Then carried on exploring to the cries of " I'm here I'm not lost!" Found a few benches been made by some chainsaw wielders Left it how we found it but did borrow it for...
  16. weekender

    Alpkit hunka XL

    Has anyone got experience of these, I'm 6' 3" and a 46 chest. Will I fit in it?? Sent from somewhere?
  17. weekender

    Mors pot cooking

    As I'm now the proud owner of said pot I'm looking for some tasty recipes and tips and tricks for using this style of pot, what works well? Looking forward to see what people come up with. Thanks Sent from my KFSOWI using Tapatalk
  18. weekender

    Sawyer mini filter

    Advice is needed please I've purchased a filter and used it a bit now I'm wondering about storing it, I've got it in a small dry bag, I've seen that others have mentioned about storing them wet, I take this to mean not letting it dry out!? Any other tips would be great.. Sent from my KFSOWI...
  19. weekender

    Jerven Bags

    Has anyone any experience with these, I'm not going to ask if there any good cause I think they probably are due to who uses them, armed forces etc but how real world useful are they for bushcraft and mountain walking? Also which one is the best all rounder. Thanks Sent from somewhere?
  20. weekender

    Wilderness walks RM

    When is it on, missed it last week had to watch on the iplayer, can find it searching ahead??? Sent from somewhere?