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    Sleep mat

    Can anyone on here recommend a decent roll mat that folds up fairly small
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    Tbs knives

    god or bad. What's your opinion
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    Perkins knives

    Does anybody know anything about Perkins knives. Are they any good. What other knives can you recommend. Ta Dean
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    Sleeping Bag

    I have been out a few times overnight recently and if im honest its been rather cold. I realise now that i need a decent sleeping bag, I can spend around £100 any suggestions on where i should look and what to go for Cheers Dean
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    Banshee 200

    Just bought the Vango Banshee 200 from go outdoors £80 cant believe how easy it is to put up and put away. Plenty of room inside for 1 person and kit and build quality seems really good. Very light and packs away reasonably small, for the money its superb.
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    Which hammock

    Have decided to buy a hammock could anyone give me advice which ones are the best? thanks Dean
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    Cant decide on a small tent or hammock and tarp advice needed thanks Dean
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    Shining Cliff Wood

    Just got back from a walk around Shining Cliff and cant believe how nice it is have lived near by on and off for a few years now and only just discovered it . My only regret is not having my kit with me
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    Can anybody give me any idea which is the best bivi on the market im not planning on spending hundreds and have been told that the Vaude bivi is a good one thanks Dean
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    What is the best small tent on the market
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    Hello from the Northeast

    Hello all Have just discovered this site and think its excellent. Im 34 and have recently moved to the Northeast from Derbyshire. With working and moving and trying to get settled i havent had much chance to get out and meet new people so hopefully this site will introduce me to like minded...
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    Cheviots Northumberland

    Hello all ive recently moved to Northumberland and am lucky enough to be only 30 minutes from the Cheviots. I have been on a couple of walks up there but would like to do more. Are there any groups that i could join. Or if anyone knows any good walks up there pls let me know Thanks