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  1. Nagual

    Hello. Again... ;)

    It's been quite a while since I was last here, so I thought I'd say hello again! Hello! Past few years I've been working out on the hills as a sub contractor, while it's not a bad life, it's certainly not a great one.. lol Had to give it up due a bit of ill health, turns out I have AS...
  2. Nagual

    Hmmm Sausages... :)

    Been wanting to do this for a while, especially since bivibabe can't have gluten etc now. So ventured into the realm of making my own sausages and bacon.. :) Got a slicer for the bacon, as cutting by hand with the kitchen knives we have was.. interesting at best. Also a mincer and grinder for...
  3. Nagual

    Recommend me a Sausage Mincing Machine?

    Hi all, Recently decided to make my own sausages, so got all the bit's n bobs online, and the hand mincer was a "Kitchen Craft Cast Iron Mincer- size 5". Unfortunately I'm none to taken with it as the screw core rubs away on the Blade, causing metal fillings to come out with the minced meat...
  4. Nagual

    Aaaggghhhh! Just having a rant.

    Typical, it's the way things are and not how they should be. Last week Bivibabes house got burnt out, 99% of things ruined. She was promised emergency accommodation within a few days, and found out today that workmen are still working on said accommodation. Baahhhhhumbug. I really hate Local...
  5. Nagual

    Professional sleeping bag cleaners?

    Hey, I know this thingy was posted many moons ago, but however my search fu is week just now. Bivibabes nice Alpkit PD800 has got a little smokey and we need it cleaned fully - we know we can do it ourselves, but would prefer a professional to do it. Has anyone got the link hand, is strong in...
  6. Nagual

    Anyone know any Gluten free recipes?

    Hi there, SWMBO has discovered she can't eat gluten without being sore n stuff. Now there are a plethora of recipes out there on the net, but I'm looking for ones that people I can relate or even know have tried and rate. We have tried just about ever shop bought gluten free bread, muffin and...
  7. Nagual

    Children In Need - Ebay sale of Dr Who clothes and script

    What it says basically, all for good cause. Bid to win the Doctors clothes and a signed copy of a script.. You'll have to dig deep though.
  8. Nagual

    NPTC PA12 course...?

    I know this will probably draw a lot of blank stares, buuut does anyone know of anyone who runs a NPTC PA12 course? To shed a little light on what it is... : Application of Pesticide to material as a continuous process via conveyor, rollertable or other equipment. Somewhere in Scotland...
  9. Nagual

    Oh Noe's!!

    :( Went to Glasgow yesterday with the intent of getting some shirts for work, from Clearwater Army Surplus... They shut! Not just shut for the day, but shut down... eeek OMG! Whats a guy to do now? The only other place I know of is A1 Adventure beside Queen St Station, and they are a bit pants...
  10. Nagual

    Midge repellents - a comparative review

    There may be actually one thing more annoying than getting bitten by clouds of hungry midges, and that's trying to find a insect repellent that works! I have tried a few over the years, and more recently a few more rather intensively so feel able to offer a little advice, my feelings and...
  11. Nagual

    Old Toward Castle.

    Went down to Toward castle the other day and took some photo's - nothing bushcrafty at all, just castle... :D The castle was 'repaired' a couple of decades ago, rather badly I'm afraid. Dodgy cementing etc, still it must have been a beautiful place once. Can anyone...
  12. Nagual

    Summer..404 error

    INSTALLING SUMMER..... ███████████████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 44% DONE. Install delayed....please wait. Installation failed...
  13. Nagual

    Employed ! At last!

    After what seems a life time, I'm no longer unemployed! Yay!:red:;):D:red: Working as self employed chainsaw op, clearing Rhoddies out. Starting today! Probably as you read this, I'll be in a deep dark and dank part of West Scotland getting eaten alive by midges.. :lmao: Hmm time for an oil...
  14. Nagual

    Caterpillar invasion... HELP!!!!!

    Help! My fruit bushes (woosterberry) are being eaten by caterpillars, and I need suggestions as to what sprays I can use to kill them. In a couple of weeks the little beasties will be so numerous the leaves will be all eaten regardless of how much time I spend picking them off. Obviously I...
  15. Nagual

    Just been certified!

    Finally after nearly 2 months waiting, I sat my CS30 and CS31 today. Had expected the equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition, but the assessor was a very laid back man, with decades of experience oozing out of him. Not only did he assess us, also passed on hints and tips on a few things to help...
  16. Nagual

    Toddy... yer mail box is full again!

    Toddy... yer mail box is full again!
  17. Nagual

    New addition to Nagual's Bushcrafting team.. :)

    Recently got in touch with one of bivibabes old school mates, who lives and works at a farm. She told us she had just pupped her bitch, and would we be interested, well bb has been itching for a new dog for a while and she hit me with her puppy dog eye look "can I get a puppy for my birthday...
  18. Nagual

    Soda flour query?

    This is probably a silly question, but does soda flour contain gluten? A google just seems to turn up loads on soda breads etc, and doesn't address the question. I'm guessing that it's basically flour with soda added. If so another item is scored off SWMBO's food list.. :(
  19. Nagual

    Polls useful information gathering tool, or pointless exercise.

    Poll's what are they good for?
  20. Nagual

    Winter Birds

    A couple of pics from the garden today of birds feeding.. Thanks for looking,