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  1. Tantalus

    Begleri !

    So I am stopping smoking and looking for something to fidget with While trawling for greek worry beads, I stumbed on begleri a very simple variation with only 2 beads. What is the point in that you ask ? Watch and learn Collecting beads not being...
  2. Tantalus

    Help with a tree in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary please.

    More than a few of these dotted around car park D while waiting for a friend visiting a relative. About 3 metres tall upright trees. Didnt notice leaves folding when touched or presence of thorns. Took a leaf thinking I could look it up and ended up more than a bit stumped really. As far as I...
  3. Tantalus

    Gasp Otters

    A bit shocked and stunned by this one 2 otters frolicking in the water while I was walking the dog, maybe 30 feet away from me. Cautious and wary of me , but they both put their heads out of the water and watched me pass. Dog didnt see them which is good as she is a water lover and her...
  4. Tantalus

    Bumped into a Badger

    Just pulled into my folks yard and let the dog out the car. Turned back to the car and there is an adult badger followed me to the yard entrance. What a lovely surprise :D Luckily dopey labrador didnt twig the badger was there and I hustled her through the gate closing it behind her, I...
  5. Tantalus

    s o r r y

    How the heck does that upset the filter ? I cant seem to include the word in my post :( Are we so sensitive that we are to be protected from everyday words now ? Tant
  6. Tantalus

    Zackerty review ,well some of it is in the woods

    Seeing as bb is down Here is a little review of Zackerty's amazing investment cast that will go up in there as soon as we can all get back in No trees were harmed....much Slideshow
  7. Tantalus

    Hummingbird Moth ?

    Sorry the pic is blurry , it wouldnt stay still and it was a bit windy, the buddlea was mobbed with them though Tant
  8. Tantalus

    Fungus Watch

    Nice dry spell , followed by some rain Who found what yet ? Was out and about yesterday and found a few puffballs and smelt but didnt find stinkhorns Tant
  9. Tantalus

    is this what happened to our wolves? :slap: Tant
  10. Tantalus

    Litter louts

    BBC news "A mid Wales man known affectionately as "Rob the rubbish" was so ashamed by the litter on Britain's highest peak that he spent two days cleaning it up." Well done Rob, and thankyou It's all about setting a good example :) Tant
  11. Tantalus

    Matching Northstar and Mikro

    BRK&T Northstar and matching Mikro Canadian now sold thanks for looking The perfect bushcraft pair, the Mikro is like a mini scalpel and the heavier duty Northstar is better suited for heavier camp tasks Both of them are boxed with leather sheaths, (the Northstar has 2 sheaths) Both of...
  12. Tantalus

    Julie Andrews is good for you yeah right i think i would rather get eaten alive by the bears but whatever........... Tant
  13. Tantalus


    A question brought up in another thread made me decide to post this What do you do if you hear shots or see a party of shooters? Slink away out of sight (and line of fire) and hope you are not noticed? Stay put and visible while trying not to disturb game ? Walk towards them...
  14. Tantalus

    Pressed Flowers

    This sounds like one of those silly Victorian things that have absolutely no place in todays internet culture but................. As a youngster me and my brother and sister went on a holiday to the island of Mull, and Mum and Dad offered a prize for the best pressed wild flower book It...
  15. Tantalus

    Countryside Access

    found this and thought it might be of use to those south of the border :) course it only covers half the country but there are already many more access rights in scotland Tant
  16. Tantalus

    oh boy

    Ok somebody is in for a shock when they find this at their bird table seriously , there is a number to call if you do see her Tant
  17. Tantalus

    site navigation

    First i gotta say thanks to Tony for posting the link to Danzos excellent article on the law in another thread But............ I did go looking for this before i posted and couldnt find it there are tabs at the top of my window - reviews, articles, 200 degrees etc and if my memory serves...
  18. Tantalus

    Whats on the menu? not the nicest way to make a scientific discovery :eek: Tant
  19. Tantalus


    a lot of confusion over names of stuff recently perhaps a suggestion would be to ask people to look up plants and animals and post a link to a pic of what they are talking about my main concern is edible plants and fungi where names differ from one part of the country to another let...
  20. Tantalus

    little rucksack thingies

    ok mebbe my eyes are not what they used to be and i can use the "New Posts" button instead but these 3 are hard for me to tell apart love the idea but would like em to be louder colours maybe? if its possible cheers Tant