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  1. Oarsnpaddle

    Kit tube from birch bark, thin tortured plywood, or something?

    I'm after a light weight cylinder/tube of some kind, but I don't know where to get one. Wayland has a birch bark container (which opens in both ends) as is shown in this picture (it's the cylinder in the foreground): He told me he...
  2. Oarsnpaddle

    "download thread"?

    Hi, I'm often thinking that it would be neat to be able to bring a thread (in txt) with me when going out (I have an e-reader). I realise I can choose "show printable version" and then save each page of the thread as a txt-version, but that is pretty cumbersome to me. I first discovered this...
  3. Oarsnpaddle

    Snow peak double wall H450? Where to get it?

    I have been looking for a while for a double wall mug without handles, and Snow Peak does make one. In fact, they make the one. Unfortunately, the only dealer I can find that carries Snow Peak here in this country is, but they only have the 300ml in stock which is way too small...
  4. Oarsnpaddle

    Pot cozy made from down and skin/leather?

    Hi (again), As I wait for different stuff to arrive, I'm rather bored. I have just ordered an alcohol stove/woodburner stand, and only now do I realise I won't be able to simmer the food ... Yeah, I know, but I'm used to gas and paraffin stoves, so it somehow didn't cross my mind...
  5. Oarsnpaddle

    Evernew DX stand/stove with Etapower 1-litre pot?

    I've asked the same question as follows on sotp, only realising afterwards it might be a better idea to ask here, as it's one of those ultralight thingies. Anyway, my question is, if anyone have any experience, thoughts and/or comments on using the Evernew DX stand with or without the alco...