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  1. Emdiesse

    Finding a lost dog

    Hi, Looking for a lost dog, not my own, but a strangers... I'm signed up to to be alerted when a dog goes missing around my local area, this was absolutely with the intention that I could give my evening wanderings a sense of purpose - and a good (forfilling) excuse to get out...
  2. Emdiesse

    Seeking a paltry amount of poultry advice.

    Hi All, I was fortunate enough to get a hold of a greenhouse frame and chicken coop on freecycle and since the manky old shed in the back of our garden was at the brink of toppling over I decided it was the perfect place for the chickens to go. Just trying to decide on what to cover the...
  3. Emdiesse

    Bonded Polyester/Bonded Nylon (20s/40s/60s) What are the NNs numbers?

    Hi, I'm looking at bonded nylon/polyester thread and I just can't work out what the NNs sizes mean? I know what they relate to in terms of Tex but I just can't work out what the 20s, 40s, 60s numbers mean? I understand the NNs relates to the size/weight of the thread but I can't work out...
  4. Emdiesse

    Prehistoric British town swallowed by the sea.

    This might be of interest so some of you, if you haven't seen it already that is :) "The people who lived there seem to have possessed a level of technology 2,000 years ahead of the norm for the period."
  5. Emdiesse

    Sewing Machine Parts

    Hi All, I'm on the look out for a part for my Singer 201k which is broken (Simanco 45343 - Upper Thread Tensioner Thread Guard). I don't suppose anybody has a Singer 201k which they use for spares and repairs and is happy to help a fellow BCUKer out :)? Second part in from the left (and...
  6. Emdiesse

    Sewing machine birdsnesting under plate

    Hi. I have a treadle singer 66k which sews very smoothly and is a dream to use... I also came across a treadle singer 201k on ebay and couldnt resist when i saw in the last 5 minutes it still had 0 bids so i got it for 99p! Bargain!!! Its in great nick, i've had it a while now but i haven't...
  7. Emdiesse

    Tree ID

    Hi, I need to make space for a shed and came across this really yellow wood. Any idea what tree it is from? Cheers, Matt
  8. Emdiesse

    Shoemakers Knives

    Hi, I bought a lot of cobblers tools because I was after the seamroller, cobblers hammer, rasp and anvil and in amongst the lot were three knives. I'm aware they are most likely for shoemaking.... but I just want to find out more about their specific uses Cheers, Matt
  9. Emdiesse

    Canvas Tool Roll

    Hi, So I am delving into the world of textiles and since I've got a bunch of leathercraft tools lying about all over the place I figured I should start to make some tool rolls for them. Here is my first. Please excuse the wonky stitching, I need way more practice. Also, I have learned having...
  10. Emdiesse

    Surrey/Hampshire Border Meet

    Hi All, I looked back for Surrey meetups on here but the thread is oh so very old so I thought I'd make a new one. I'm based in Guildford and am keen to meet others in and around the area who are also interested in Bushcraft. I've had a good scour around for a place to meet and saw a nice...
  11. Emdiesse

    Help on 10oz Canvas for Tarpaulin

    Hi, Having received a Singer 66k for christmas from my girlfriends parents AND being able to now successfully sew in a relatively straight line as well as learning the essential seams and so on from Johns books I fancy a go at making myself a small tarp for around the campfire. I was thinking...
  12. Emdiesse

    WIP: S120 Camera Half Case

    Hi, I bought myself a Canon s120 as a camera that is small enough that's not a burden to carry almost everywhere I go, but still with manual controls for Aperture, Shutter, ISO, WB, etc. It came with no case, te official canon one is a half case style; I have been learning leathercraft, I...
  13. Emdiesse

    "Cotton Kills"

    Hi All, Just saw the BCUK group on facebook share an article as to why 'Cotton Kills' and I have heard about this before, but for the most part I don't think I have ever been truly remote (and if I have been I have probably worn a mix of all sorts from wool socks to modern waterproof/breathable...
  14. Emdiesse

    Dressing your wedge

    Hi All, Got some logs I want to split up to about 8" round but I haven't really got the tools I need to split them, I was thinking I'd get a sledge hammer and a couple of wedges since I figured with that combination you could split anything! However in my search for the tools I stumbled across...
  15. Emdiesse

    365-24-7 Bushcraft Clothing for the British Isle

    A lot of the time when packing my kit I like to think about what I'd pack if I could live wild 365 days of the year, if there wasn't this thing called modern life that forbids me to do so, and I'm pretty happy that I've ditched the dross now and now have only what I 'need'. Except when it comes...
  16. Emdiesse

    (Hoarders) How do you store your kit!?

    In light of the kit hoarders not-quite-so-anonymous thread I beg to ask the question that played on my mind a little while ago HOW DO YOU STORE YOUR KIT!!!? In the beginning I started by chucking all of my kit into 1 'Truly Helpful Container', then 2... Then I got fed up unpacking and...
  17. Emdiesse

    I can't read russian but pictures speak a thousand words (mushrooms, many mushrooms)
  18. Emdiesse

    Peacock Spider
  19. Emdiesse

    The 'Challenge The Person Above You' Thread

    I've had this idea, and I have no idea how well it'll work however let's give it a try. Basically... The rules are really simple Give a Bushcraft challenge the 'last challenger' above you - K.I.S.S Accept the challenge of your challenger (Or provide an exceptional circumstance why you can't...
  20. Emdiesse

    I acquired this cotton canvas material... what's it good for?

    A long time ago... However, to be honest I rushed into buying the stuff because it was on sale, I liked the colour and I thought maybe I could make a tarp come bed roll out of it. Anyway, I have done nothing with it but I hope to make use of it so I would love to find out: It's eligibility...