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  1. Adze

    Does anyone here read Swedish?

    As the thread title really, I discovered an old letter in some Swedish military surplus kit I bought, post marked 1943. Some help translating it would be very much appreciated, as being handwritten, it's not something that lends itself to Babelfish very well.
  2. Adze

    Just spotted this on Youtube...

    ...I reckon there's a few on here would be interested. DIY Arc Forge using carbon electrodes and an old arc welder for power.
  3. Adze


    I went to a new client recently, at first I thought I'd misheard them when they said "We're stickmakers" on the phone. That was pretty rapidly dispelled when I walked into their living room... festooned with walking sticks, stalking sticks, crooks and thumbsticks. They run a small business...
  4. Adze

    Cold case - Oh deer, roe deer. (be advised - links to dead animal images!)

    I stumbled upon a bit of a 'who dunnit' yesterday - a roe carcass on the shore of Coniston Water. Now, I have a theory, but I'd like to get the opinions of the board before I expound on it. There are links below to some of the pics I took, I'm not going to embed them in the thread as these can...
  5. Adze

    Solar Eclipse Energy Tragedy... apparently I've read some dross before, but I reckon this might just take the biscuit. Apparently a 2 minute partial eclipse of the sun is going to "present a significant challenge for the UK's electricity network"... wait what? A 2 minute partial is going to...
  6. Adze

    [REVIEW] Cheap ebay torch from china (link below)

    I was quite surprised this morning when the postie delivered the Chinese made evilbay torches I ordered a week ago. At £2.50 each including postage from Hong...
  7. Adze

    Asteroid Flypast - 10 mins and counting

    Linky here:
  8. Adze

    Tiny spoon?

    I've made a few twig spoons recently... largely because twigs were all I had re raw materials, but also because the depth of grain you get in a twig is quite extraordinary compared with a larger piece of wood when making small spoons. I wondered how small a spoon I could make from how small a...
  9. Adze

    ID of a blue flower please?

    The bee I've already ID'd as a Common Carder Bumblebee, flowers don't seem to be so easy to find :-/
  10. Adze

    Spoon knife, the sequel - Spoon knives!

    Following on from an earlier thread: Spoon knife I've now finished handling the second, more open spoon knife blade I bought from Dave Budd. This is the third blade I've had from Dave, but only the second I've managed to put a handle on. The first blade I bought I've still to decide how to...
  11. Adze

    Spoon knife

    I bought a pair of spoon knife blades from Dave Budd the other day. I've just put a handle on the first of them. All it needs now is a polish and a hone. This is the first time I've used tapatalk to upload an image so apologies if it doesn't appear immediately.
  12. Adze

    Well... more of an afternoon deek about really

    Today was the St. George's day event for my son's Beaver lodge, rather than drop him on the common and head home to waste an hour and three quarters before picking him up, I thought I'd use the time a little more pro-actively and have a mooch about in a local wood. As it happened the tide was...
  13. Adze

    Signs of spring

    Here's one: Quite early though as that was taken on 22 Feb on Broughton moor - anyone found it earlier?
  14. Adze

    Bird prep...

    Just spotted this on G+ Chicken tomorrow :)
  15. Adze

    Aussies be proud...

    ...of your prodigal son:
  16. Adze

    [HEADS UP] Acetone

    I'm not sure if this will be of use to anyone or not, but a local (to me, Ulverston, South Cumbria) business is ceasing trading in the supply of acetone. To clear stock they're offering some very good discounts on bulk purchases. This is 99.8% pure virgin (i.e. not reclaimed) acetone which...
  17. Adze

    Broughton Moor and a new favourite photo.

    I went here today: Did a bit of this: I had an accomplice, he's six (nearly seven) and likes tea made with powdered milk with plenty of sugar: He's a bit partial to a scenic view: Or two: Which leads me on to my new favourite picture of my boy taking in the sights and drinking tea...
  18. Adze

    We thought the garden was a little quiet this morning...

    ...then my wife spotted this:
  19. Adze

    Wilderness Armchair

    This may have been posted before, but I've only just found it and it bears repeating if only as a demonstration of simplicity: (& the lead in is pure comedy gold!) As a sidenote; At least now we know what Ferris Bueller got up to after he...
  20. Adze searches...

    Try this: Go to, type "surplus" without the quotes into the 'I am looking for' box and then type "Barrow-in-Furness" again without quotes into the 'located in' box. There should only be two results returned... Anyone got any others like this? :D