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    A fatal attack by wolf in Alaska

    It's not certain yet, but from the sounds of things everyone is pretty sure it was a wolf (wolves) who killed a female runner in Alaska. She was only five feet tall, so not an imposing figure. But before people start...
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    Audubon guides now on iphone

    If you're in the US or visit the US and you are an iphone user, the Audubon Society has come out with a interactive version of their guides. The have specific guides devoted to Birds (naturally), trees, mammals and wildflowers. Details are here:
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    The role of grandmothers in hunter gatherer societies

    Scientists have been interested in the question of why women live for decades past menopause (and typically far outlive men) when their use in terms of furthering their genetic legacy is putatively over. Now some scientists have zeroed in on the question and can only theorize that...
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    Dates of team hunting/sharing pushed back to 400,000 to 200,000 years ago

    Lately, a variety of really exciting archaeological papers have been published out of Middle Eastern sites. This week there's a a really interesting paper about artifacts from a cave in Israel that indicate that between 400,000 and 200,000 years ago we were already engaged in group hunting...
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    Dogwood's new/old drawknife, I am chuffed at last!

    As a language lover, I have been amused by the British use of the word "chuffed" -- it's slang that we don't have here in the states. It's just a great word and I've been waiting for the proper moment to describe myself as chuffed. Well, I'm chuffed -- completely, utterly and blissfully...
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    The ecological damage of hunting predators

    I've gone on about my objections to hunting predators before -- it visibly damages ecosystems. Now LiveScience has a good article on the scale of the problems -- it's worth a read by anyone who cares about our fauna.
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    Swanndri offer free freight again

    Thought I'd give you all a head's up on an e-mail I just got from Swanndri. They're doing their free freight offer again to the US, UK and EU Details here: I've still never gotten around to trying their stuff, but I might have to...
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    Are there urban beekeepers here?

    Is anyone on BCUK doing urban beekeeping as mentioned in this article? This is just so cool! I would love to get into this and do my bit to help stem the decline (not to mention honey!!), but since I live right in...
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    Why even Ray Mears dies alone in the subarctic -- part 1

    Leaving aside my strong feelings about the deceptions in Ed Wardle's dieting show, "Alone in the Wild: One Man's Adventure At Avoiding Food and People at the Lodge" I thought some of you might be interested in some of the calorie math issues that pop up surviving in the arctic. This will be two...
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    Neolithic human figure found in Orkney

    Thought this might be of some interest to you: This makes the third -- and oldest -- neolithic figure found in Britain.
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    going barefoot

    In the US, some members of the historical trekking community (people to travel the woods like 18th century frontier folk) go barefoot for some portion of their scouts, while wearing moccasins the rest of the time. And of course, barefoot running has its own subculture in the running...
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    smoking buckskin

    Last weekend, it finally stopped raining long enough in San Francisco for me to smoke a couple of deer hides that I've been making into buckskin. Unfortunately there was a fair difference in size between them, so I had to work around that as I was making the bag. Also, because I got lazy I...
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    Swanndri free shipping in March

    I guess the slow-down is hitting NZ too... Swanndri is offering free shipping to the US, UK and Europe between now and March 31. That's nice because the shipping costs of their stuff is normally pretty daunting... Just wanted to give everyone a head's up.
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    Sweetie pie: in praise of little knives

    Some of you might know I'm a big fan of ML Knives ( and I have several of Matt's knives and on any appropriate project I contact Matt him because he's a joy to work with. In fact, the the Woods and Bush he made me has displaced all the other users in my collection -- my...
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    Site of the world's oldest horse farm found in Kazakhstan

    Not specifically bushcrafty, but since many of us have an interest in ancient life, this should be of great interest to some. This is an interesting article about the discovery of the oldest (as yet) horse farm with clear signs of domesticated usage from 3,500 BC (pushing back the date of...
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    Robin Wood: Questions about some things in your videos

    Robin, A while back I was watching some of your carving videos (superb!) and I was struck by the stump you used as a working surface. It had three -- maybe four -- legs and they appeared tapered and in set in the bottom of the stump. Do you have more detailed photos of it? I'd love to see...
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    Neanderthal music imagined in Cardiff...

    Don't know if any of you saw this, but if you're near Cardiff you might want to check out this exhibit. Sounds great. I wish I could go...
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    new quiver

    Here are a couple of images of a quiver I made for my son for Christmas. Unfortunately, I couldn't get his new bow done because the stave hasn't quite cured long enough. I wove the quiver is woven of rattan (shellacked) and topped it with a leather band (more for aesthetics than...
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    Since we've been talking about some stone age hunting tools in the slings thread, I thought I might post some pictures of an atlatl I have made for my teenage son for Christmas. Here is the thrower -- the grip is deerskin, so is the braided wrist loop, the bannerstone is carved marble, the...
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    First impressions of my new bushcraft knife

    Just yesterday I took delivery of my new Woods and Bush knife from ML Knives ( Already, it has become my favorite knife -- even supplanting my beautiful Woodsknife puukko, which is fantastic in its own right. Without further ado, here are some photos (these are glamor shots...