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  1. ickyan


    Is any one on here vegetarian? Being vegetarian doesn't seem very "bushcrafty" and people on here probably think its stupid. Im just wandering what people think, ive always been vegetarian and I like being vegetarian but it probably woudn't be good in a survival situaion.
  2. ickyan

    New axe

    My grandad kindly let me have this: Its very small and light, good for spoon carving. Also the head is made from sheet steel bended round and welded. I thought this was "cheap" at first but it makes it very light and very good at chopping. I have now got it knife sharp. It...
  3. ickyan

    Any one remember this?

    Any one remember this? quite intresting.
  4. ickyan

    Home made tarpaulin

    This was originally posted here by me. YOU HAVE TO CLICK THE PHOTOS (they open in a new tab) I found some bags in the garage made of a material similar to tarpaulin but allot thinner and not 100% water proof (enough for the water...
  5. ickyan

    new opinel website and forum

    Hello people this is my first post but i have been reading allot of these good post on here and i am loving the site so far I love opinels they may not be the best knives in the world (I think they are) but they are great to collect and customize The are not any community sites for fans...