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  1. geordienemisis


    Swap Webtex Classic Assult vest in British DPM Brand new unused. Will swap for a decent Led torch trade price £50+ other items may be offered also
  2. geordienemisis

    Wilkinson Sword survival knife/Dartmoor knife

    SWAP: I have a fine example of this wonderful knife which I want to swap for an Air Rifle which would be better done face to face. I live inNewcastle but am prepared to travel for the right deal. I will put up some pictures of the knife which comes complete with the survival kit and a bit more...
  3. geordienemisis

    Swanndri Shirt (Medium)

    Item GoneI have a red/black Swanndri shirt with the cord fastening at the neck. This is a used item size M/96cm it is in very good condition I would value this £40-50 in trade. I would like a crossdraw Bushy sheath or a high lummen torch. or whatever you have let me know if your intrested...
  4. geordienemisis

    My New blade made by Steve 111

    I have just traded this wonderful knife from Steve111 on here he is pretty new to this site. The knife is a spydie lookalike with Olive wood scales brass pins & a lanyard hole 01 steel with a scandi grind. feels lovely in the hand really well balanced, workmanship is of top quality as I would...
  5. geordienemisis

    SWAP G-Shock watches

    SWAPPEDHi I have two G-Shock watches too swap looking for a good Bivi Bag, Tarp, Sharps, Torches Etc The value I have put on these is £50 each let me know what you think & have First is a yellow 7710RL quite rare nowadays Second is a Black DW8300 Stargate this also is quite rare, I will put...
  6. geordienemisis

    Dartmoor Survival Knife

    I have a Dartmoor Survival Knife to swap, This has a brass pommel & bolster. It also includes a Survival kit with case Complete with miniature compass. Enclosed in the belt hanger is located some snare wire and Wire saw. These are very rare now & a young uncle Ray had a hand in the design...
  7. geordienemisis

    My Wilkinson Sword CSK 185

    Here is my Wilkinson Sword CSK 185 partly designed by Bushcraft Royalty our own Uncle Ray. I came by this knife in a trade from AndyP on here it came with a dpm gollock sheath. since then I got in touch with Sterling from Dartmoor knife & did a deal on a sheath, belt hanger & shock cord at a...
  8. geordienemisis

    Great bit of kit from Blacks sale.

    I was walkingpast Blacks in Newcastle & one of there stores is closing down(has been since before Xmas) I spotted a Vaude venus sleeping mat mrrp £70 blacks sale price £10 what a bargain. one happy camper..
  9. geordienemisis

    Lots of posts on Air weapons so here is my little baby.

    Here are some pictures of my little Benjamin 392AS its 36 inches long & extremely powerful.Its a .22 caliber, I got this from my brother in law and it was in a bit of a state. so I cleaned it all up added new seals & stuff gave it a tune up put some new glasses on it a hawke sport HD 3-9x50...
  10. geordienemisis

    Hk USP Co2 0.177 Air Pistol

    I have this item to trade am after a good tarp or bushcraft knife, the pistol comes BNIB with 5 spare co2 pods and a new bottle of umarex bb. I would prefer to do a face to face, but will post on checking age Etc, I live in Newcastle upon Tyne & could travel a little way if the deal is good...
  11. geordienemisis

    Jim Adams Ti Folder

    I have just become the proud owner of this incredible knife. Its made completely of titanium so its remarkably light in the hand. Its a Frame lock, here is some tech on it. Blade is 1/8 thick ATS-34, Heat treated By Peter's Heat Treating. RC is 61-62. Grind is a Hollow Grind. Blade Length is...
  12. geordienemisis

    Berghaus Centurio Bergen with Side Pockets Brand new.

    Traded Too swap I have a 30l Berghaus Centurio Rucksack complete with side pockets I'm after a good quality folder. Most makes considered. I am getting rid of my stuff due to an illness restricting my ability to get out.
  13. geordienemisis

    Kit for sale

    Tenth Wonder XL Hammock C/W tree straps & binas £25Traded Hi gear Sleeping bag liner £12 Inflating Sleeping Mat long length £14 3 Blade folding Saw A1 condition £18 Karrimor Dry Bags sizes, XS/M/L/XL £25 Tramontina 14” machete (Sharpened) £10Sold Belgian Bivibag £10 Berghaus Centurio 30l...
  14. geordienemisis

    Up coming kit sale

    Hi I have recently discovered that my long term illness is getting worse which is preventing me from going out. So im going to be puttung up some stuff pretty soon all will be as new kit that i have not used. Hope you all get a chance at some good kit. Sent from my GT-N7000 using Tapatalk
  15. geordienemisis

    iPhone 4

    SWAPPEDI have an iPhone 4 boxed as new with an adapter for using as an in car sat nav. Several cover including an OG Magpul case. Its white & open to any net work. I'm after a high end Air rifle PCP type .22 and also be close enough for us too meet to do a face to face deal I'm in Gods country...
  16. geordienemisis

    Fuel for stove £35 per gallon........................ ................

    I have recently just traded a multifuel stove from Cowboy & may I say I'm well chuffed with the deal, (he is also pleased) so I think I will get some fuel for the said stove easy I thought. I did not have a fuel can for my car never needed one, so I recce a can go to the garage £2.50 will fill...
  17. geordienemisis

    Lifesaver Bottle 4000 Ultra Filtration Water Bottle

    LIFESAVER bottle is the worlds first all in one ultra filtration water bottle. It will remove bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and all other microbiological waterborne pathogens without using chemicals like iodine or chlorine which leave a distinctive foul taste. LIFESAVER bottle produces...
  18. geordienemisis

    SAS Windproof Smock 190/104

    I have a brand new not worn Desert cam sas windproof to swap (pictures if req'd) it has never been worn. I am after A folder or a torch. c'mon you know you want this.
  19. geordienemisis

    Oh what a mess I've made.

    I have been restoring a little Air Rifle to use for some hunting and after cleaning the stock sanding down and then went and bought some Tru-Oil to finish it off. The Mrs is away shopping with her Mam so I think I will do this in the kitchen to save going back and forward to the shed. Low and...
  20. geordienemisis

    Lifesaver Bottle

    I have just bought one of these has anyone any input, they look the dogs to me like. To be able to take no water in with you reduces the weight vastly. I got mine from an army source who say that these are now issued in theatre for Afghanistan. I will put up the link & if I get any more will...