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  1. Chambers

    Home Veg Plot

    Just coming back after a long time away. Amid all of this chaos that is going on I've taken the opportunity to tidy up the garden a bit. This is going to involve putting in a small veg plot; potatoes, carrots, parsnip and onions. Not enough to live on but enough to keep me busy. I'm going to...
  2. Chambers

    Norica Dragon .22 Carbine with Nikko Stirling Laser King Scope

    Due to the want for new toys I'm starting to have a clear out of toys which I use very little. First up is my Norica Dragon .22 Carbine with Nikko Stirling Laser King Scope 3-9x42. I bought this a few years ago and have used it very little (less than 250 shots) for target but as is hasnt...
  3. Chambers

    How To Post A Classified?

    I'm sure it is a very straight forward answer but I am going to have a bit of a clear out of toys I don;t use however can;t seem to post in the Members Classified's forum. Any ideas?
  4. Chambers

    Brockwell 16-17th November

    It's getting to be that time of the year where the nights draw in and the ground starts to become crisp on a morning. That can only mean one thing, time to hit the woods! In order to give everyone plenty of time to plan I was thinking of a little get together at Brockwell on the 16-17th...
  5. Chambers

    Wanted:- DD Hammock

    The other half likes the idea of tagging along to the next meet so I was going to give her my old hammock and get a DD, just wondered if anyone has one they were wanting rid of before I bought one. Let me know what you have and what you want
  6. Chambers

    Heads Up Aldi Belt/Bench Grinder

    Just seen that these are coming soon. I dont have one myself but have heard good things off those who have them or similar ones. I'm told they are great little workers for not much money and can easily be adapted to include a knife jig
  7. Chambers

    Strange Parcel Has Just Arrived

    Just had City Link to the door, I didnt get it but was over the moon to find out what parcel it was.... 60 trees from the Woodland Trust and 1 Royal Oak for the Scouts to plant. Fantastic. Is anyone else doing this?
  8. Chambers

    Dave Budd Iron Age Carving Knife

    I have for sale a Dave Budd Iron Age carving knife. I have spoke to Dave and he informs me it is made from EN45 made using his Iron Age forge. Its a great little knife and feels really good in the hand but I quite simply dont use it (in fact only once since Ive had it). It was handled by the...
  9. Chambers

    4mm 01 Bushy Chopper Knife

    For sale is my first knife, made from 4mm 01 steel 9.5" (244mm) long 4.75" (122mm) blade 4.75" (122mm) handle 4.75" (122mm) cutting edge Handle is birch and unknown wood with a red liner and simple file work on the spine. It also has an 8mm lanyard tube and 8mm custom mosaic pins. Has had a...
  10. Chambers


    Im considering making a lghtweight tarp and Im told that silnylon is the way to go. Can anyone recommend somewhere to buy it from Thanks
  11. Chambers

    Ultra Lite Down Sleeping Bags

    For swap, 2no Tesco ultra lite sleeping baga. Very small and very light as you would expect. Only used about 4 times each ao in perfect condition Just like these Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  12. Chambers

    How To Attach Underquilt To Hammock

    I've seen quite a few 3/4 and full length rectangular underquilts which just seem to be fixed to the side of hammocks and look generally very tidy. Can someone tell me how they are fixed in place, ideally with pics Ta
  13. Chambers

    Bushy Knife

    Up for swaps is a bushy knife I recently completed. Birch and unknown handle with red liner. 3mm 01 Steel with simple filework and mosaic pins. Not perfect but should make a great knife for someone. This item is not sharpened. I'm looking for/interested in the following items but open...
  14. Chambers

    MSR Miniworks Filter, Anygood?

    Ive seen people talk about filters like this and usually I just take what water I need but it can be bulky etc. I like the idea that if Im up on the moors etc I can just filter my own water. What do people think of the MSR Miniworks or can you recommend any others for about £50?
  15. Chambers

    Lenser P7/P3 Pack Heads Up

    Went into my local Go Outdoors this evening to get a couple of bottles and saw that they had a few '1 day specials! on. One item of which was a LED Lenser P7/P3 pack for £35.00!!! Now I already have a P7 and think its great so though I would be insane not to get another. Not sure if it is in...
  16. Chambers

    Powdered Egg Shelf Life

    I have bought some powdered whole egg off a well known auction site and upon recieving it it have a date on, 24/07/2012. I think this must be their best before date? What would people say is the reasonable shelf life for powdered egg and is there any way to tell when it goes bad? Im going to...
  17. Chambers

    Nalgene Wide Mouth Bottle Advantages

    Obviously Ive known about these Nalgene type wide mouthed bottles for a while but never used one. I'm wondering, other than mixing powdered drinks and cleaning, what advantages does one of these pottles have over a standard water bottle?
  18. Chambers

    Hammock Cocoon - What Temp Rating To Aim For?

    As Ive mentioned before Im going to make a pertex/primaloft Cocoon. I decided on going for the Primaloft Sport and done some calcs based on the 1" per 20 degrees below 70 F, assuming this is the comfort rating which Im pretty sure it there and there abouts is, what comfort rating would people...
  19. Chambers

    Synthetic Insulation Calculator

    Im now looking further and further into this pea pod underquilt and Im wondering how people calculate how much insulation to use. Ive decided on Primaloft as it seems to be the closest to down as possible with better performance in the wet. So anyway. Does anyone have a formula that will...
  20. Chambers

    Down Or Synthetic Insulation

    I know its a bit of a chicken and egg question but Im currently in the thought process of a hammock cocoon and not sure if I should use synthetic of down. Ovbviously down is a better insulator and really packs down however it is more expensive and my thought it its going to be mainly used in...