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  1. Trencakey

    MS Bushcrafter

    Likewise with the aches and pains Mick but soldiering on :)
  2. Trencakey

    MS Bushcrafter

    Top work as usual Mick,hope you're well.(Marcus)
  3. Trencakey

    Damas knives opinions

    Tim Noble strikes again ?
  4. Trencakey

    did I see an unusual fox??

    Back in the day when my Father rough shot he had a Fox that he described as 'The size of an Alsation',witnessed by half a dozen of his shooting mates.Freaks do happen in nature so anythings possible.
  5. Trencakey

    Massive moth

    I get a few here in the garden,quite big but not 8" wingspan,more in the region of 2".My local forestry gets quite a few of the caterpillars as they feed on the Rosebay that grows there.
  6. Trencakey

    Contact number for Matt @ UKHammocks?

    Matt isn't with UKHammocks anymore,and hasn't been for a while now.Apparently the company have had massive email problems.Try these or
  7. Trencakey

    Yorkshire Bowie

    Wow ! That's a nice bit work there .What's the blade length ?
  8. Trencakey

    Custom Kydex Sheath ?

    'If you decided to make your own aluminium pop rivets and washers would work just fine as well, you could also paint them black if you want to be fussy.' Canoe shops sell black rivets,I think they're anodised,maybe be harder wearing than paint ...
  9. Trencakey

    Sold New Haglofs Goretex Jacket. Black: Large price drop

    Is Paypal ok for the jacket ? If so yes please,could you message your paypal address and I'll sort payment.
  10. Trencakey

    jb weld on knife blade

    I'd try and shave it off with a Stanley knife blade.
  11. Trencakey

    Almazan, Serbian cleaver

  12. Trencakey

    Which UK bird is this?

    I have a pair in the local bit of forestry that I feed everyday,stonking little birds.
  13. Trencakey

    Tor hike an scramble

    I was on the 'other' Hound Tor yesterday,fantastic weather.
  14. Trencakey

    Acrylic friendly stabilising resin?

    Made mine from a propane gas bottle,used the glass from a bathroom scales as a lid.I drilled the sides of the gas bottle and epoxied the gauge and tap into the metal sides rather than the glass top.Silicon tubing as a seal between glass and tank.I can de-gas 10kg of resin at a time in it.
  15. Trencakey

    This is a tough one !

    I'd leave it like that,looks great.
  16. Trencakey

    How many eggs...

    I eat 14 a day everyday.I follow a ketogenic diet.
  17. Trencakey

    Primus Fuel Pump leak
  18. Trencakey

    Portugese Man O War

    Quite a few on Perranporth a few weeks ago.
  19. Trencakey

    bo, bo, bo, bo - what is it?

    A Roe Deer will bark like a dog when alarmed.