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  1. ol smokey

    Dont read this before.your lunch or dinner

    I have just come across a horrible site on the web, which I feel should be known about by as many people as possible. THE ULIN MEAT FESTIVAL. I will say no more, look it up. I just typed a long rambling item about this and promptly lost it. If this is not appropriate content on this site, I...
  2. ol smokey

    New knife

    Just got myself a new knife, a Linder Piccolo from Moonraker, I am dead pleased with it and the service from Moonraker, with whom I have not dealt with before. It is440a stainless steel, which may not be as hard as some, but the size and weight of the knife and it's proportions are just what I...
  3. ol smokey

    Permanent log in?

    I used to be able to permanently log in to the site, but of recent times, each time I follow someone's link, I am shut out and require to log in again. Is there any way round this?. Any help welcome.
  4. ol smokey

    Eyes up for Ray Mears

    Incase it has missed your notice, Ray Mears is on Close Encounters at 8pm tonight on Channel I T V 4. In Australia 's Northern Territory. Cheers Stuart.
  5. ol smokey

    Why shop anywhere else

    A fellow bushcrafter has just put me on to this site. If you are into ex WD stuff this would appear to be your best site. FIELD TEXTILES, Remember the name, They seem to sell averything Army from a Landrover to a pair of bootlaces. I have no connection with this outfit, but it looks good from...
  6. ol smokey

    Mora 510 Double

  7. ol smokey

    Mora 510 Double

    I thought that I had posted this the other night, but it doesn't show up anywhere . I bought a knife the double of the MORA510, 40 odd years ago from a Gun and fishing tackle shop in Ayr , Scotland. The only difference was that my one has the name Falcon cast into the the moulding of the...
  8. ol smokey

    Bargain Price

    As an enthusiastic user of Tilley hats, I thought that I would pass on a recent find. I trolled through the various retailers, looking for The Cotton Waxed model TWC7 Many of the sites price this at £62 . One was as high as £67. After considerable searching, I found one where the price was £51...
  9. ol smokey

    Loose Lock Ring On Opinel No9

    I recently bought one of the above knives, to find that the Lock Ring was very slack and likely to loosen off from the blade when in use. I tried to cure this by squeezing it in a vice, but this did not work as the spring back of the steel in the ring just returned tto it's original shape. I...
  10. ol smokey

    Austria visit

    Going on an Austrian trip in a few weeks time, what are the knife laws there? What are the temperatures and weather likely to be? May have some time to do our own thing rather than coach itinerary. Know nothing about Austria. Any Bushy things I should look for to bring back? Any advice...
  11. ol smokey

    Looking for near perfection

    Hi guys, I am looking for advice regarding best Binoculars in the 8x32 range. I wondered if any of you lads were Game keepers or Stalkers. I know that you tend to take Telescopes along as well but will possibly use Binoculars for initial spotting. To let you understand, I have been using...
  12. ol smokey

    In box

    How do I empty my in box please.
  13. ol smokey

    Fire safety

    I have noticed that in a number of videos on the subject of firelighting quite a number of people doing the demonstration, fail to scrape the woodland floor, clear of duff and dry leaves. OK. The ground may have been wet, but there is no evidence of this in the videos that this is the case, and...
  14. ol smokey

    Pen fishing

    Any one got any experience of these mini fishing rod and reel combos? I know that there are cheap copies, but it is the bigger originals I am after "Goliath." and Extreme I think they are called.??
  15. ol smokey

    Eyes up

    Ray mears is on at 7.30 p.m. Tonight "Wild Britain." Not much notice I'm afraid , but. may be in time to let someone avoid missing it. " on I T V. SORRY programme change
  16. ol smokey

    Bumps .?

  17. ol smokey

    Bumps .?

    I have been a full member for some time and have not worked out what the meaning of " bump" is. I feelthat it is to indicate a price drop, but often there is no mention of change ofnprice til after several bumps, am I right, and why is there not a mention of the new price with each bump?
  18. ol smokey

    Praise where it is due

    On Thursday last, I ordered an EKA Nordic W11Bushcraft knife from Greenman Bushcraft. I am pleased to say that it arrived in Dunblane, Scotland, on Saturday, two days later, that is what I call service, both on the part of Greenman Bushcraft and the General Post Office. I am delighted with the...
  19. ol smokey

    Ray Mears Bushcraft Knife

  20. ol smokey

    Ray Mears Bushcraft Knife

    I have just been reading a review of the above knife by Knoxi 82. And I was surprised by this as I have had a knife identical to this for over 40 years, the only difference being that the one I have does not have theRay Mears name and logo on the blade and it has FALCON moulded on one side of...