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  1. outdoorcode


    Tony has kindly let me post this.:notworthy Most people know I have been having severe problems recently, if anyone has outstanding orders / issues can you please pm me though BCUK, I’m battling a huge backlog but will get back to you same day with explanation and information on your...
  2. outdoorcode

    Living in a yurt

  3. outdoorcode

    Bear Grylls- TV programme

    Not sure if it will be any good, but starts this Saturday at 7pm on Ch4 "In this new series, former Special Forces adventurer Bear Grylls demonstrates how to survive in the world's most extreme environments. With little more than a knife and the clothes on his back, Bear puts himself in the...
  4. outdoorcode

    Its a Girl ... a boy ... a girl

    Dolly the bushcraft Pug (who a few of you have met) had 6 little puglets today .... pics coming soon'ish :D 2 girls and 4 boys :)
  5. outdoorcode

    First knife

    Had a little time spare yesterday so decided to make my first knife. I used a Roselli UHC carpenters blade and decided to make it fit the hunters sheath as I already own a carpenters and wanted a larger handle. Excuse the poor pics :o its not perfect, however I can certainly use...
  6. outdoorcode

    Parachute Id

    I have just got a parachute for a shelter, they are supposed to be 1 man chutes, but it seems a tad large (can barley lift it) it came with a label with the following description : SC15 MK2 PARA ASSY - any idea what these are used for ? i.e chucking landrovers out the back of hercules or are...
  7. outdoorcode


    Thought I'd see if I could start a thread now :) At the weekend I had a little accident when I went to get a knife I'm working on, the knife was in a sheath (but didn't fit well due to handle still being a block) and this was in a leather bag, which in turn was in a big bag...with me :o...
  8. outdoorcode

    BB Down ?

    Anyone else not able to get on British Blades? Just checking its not just me :o Andrew
  9. outdoorcode

    Living in a yurt

    I'm pondering living in a Yurt for a year or so (fed up of living in a surburban semi) and was wondering what the legal status would be with regards to planning permission, council tax etc... I have a spot in mind, though it is by no means certain, so was wonderig if anyone had done anything...
  10. outdoorcode

    Fallkniven F1 (only slightly used)

    My own personal Fallkniven F1, decided I'll have a change of knife , as new (though I will double check when I get home for any marks), and open Dangler leather sheath, I think I still have the box too somewhere :) SOLD Cash/cheque or paypal (+ 3% ) Andrew
  11. outdoorcode

    Anybody else sleep out ?

    Just wondering if anyone else was sleeping out Christmas eve or if it was just me :D I was in my Lavvu and have just come down to the in laws for present swapping :) Andrew
  12. outdoorcode

    Nice chaps

    Wandering around a trade show this mornig and spotted a bcuk t-shirt, turned out to be Tony and Stuart , had a chat and a what a nice couple of guys, it was great to put a face to the names :D Andrew
  13. outdoorcode

    norwegian to english translation

    Does anybody know of a Norwegian to English translation site? Babel fish type of thing? Thanks Andrew
  14. outdoorcode

    Lavvu / Lavvo / Tipi links?

    Any one know any manufacturers of Lavvu / Lavvo / Tipi other than Tentipi, Bioson Telt, Golite and Venor ? I have done a search without much success in the way of links other than the above. Cheers Andrew
  15. outdoorcode

    Fomes fomentarius

    A big thanks to Toddy for sending me some Fomes fomentarius to play with. I'm looking forward to trying this as I'v never used Fomes before. Whats the best technique? cut a slice and tease out fibres?
  16. outdoorcode

    Bank Holiday

    So whats everyone doing this Bank Holiday? I'm off to a friends farm to relax and sleep out. It should be fairly interesting as we are taking our 2 german shepherds and 4 pups :eek:
  17. outdoorcode


    Just wondered if anyone had used any of the Tatonka range? I did a search and saw that the cookware is good but has anyone ever used their packs or tents? link here Cheers Andrew
  18. outdoorcode

    Just wondered

    As its Friday thought I'd post a question as I need some new light reading material and I just wondered what magazines everyone reads, if any, from FHM to Model Collector monthly I often get Trail, The great outdoors, combat & survival (on a free subscription), airgunworld (now and again)...
  19. outdoorcode

    Tarp Repairs?

    One of my dogs jumped on my tarp this weekend and ripped out a brass eyelet and put a small hole in the centre of the tarp. :( Any idea where I could get it repaired? I'm based in Huddersfield and would sooner repair as its actually a family heirloom :D Cheers Andrew