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  1. skog

    *WANTED* antler

    ho guys im after some antler for some projects. for swaps is a worn one mtp issue windproof smock. size is large thanks in advance
  2. skog

    Waterproof match case

    Afternoon all and sorry if in the wrong place. Just had an idea today. I do a bit of shooting and was wondering if forum members would like some spent ahotgun cartridges to make waterproof match cases. I dont have loads but twnd to go through a box roughly each month and instead of lobbing...
  3. skog


    Hi all hoping someone can help or is in the know but was wondering is it possible to buy an allotment andif anyone knows the best places to look. Thanks in advance but my googlefu is not strong
  4. skog

    well ive gone and done it

    Well chaps/chapesses whilst sat a fortnight ago at work bored to to tears I finally decided enough was enough and to change my direction. Now dont get me wrong im grateful for the job I have and it pays fairly well and tbf the company really looks after thier staff. But its something I fell...
  5. skog

    for er in draws

    After last one had a request from chief of staff domestic affairs for one for herself. had some bits lying around this is the result. [/IMG]
  6. skog

    boredom = production

    Bored yesterday so had a rummage in ze bits box and this is the result. Blade us a hultafors heavy duty jobbie. Still need minor finishing on the blade. [/IMG]
  7. skog

    lots of items (pic heavy)

    [/IMG] Rabbit fur and black leather sporran. Possible base for a possibles bag? [/IMG] Regatta black isotex jacket that can have a fleece zipped into it. Size xl or 44 inch. One tiny little burn on left hand sleeve but unnoticeable unless you look for it. Lots of pockets and zipped vents...
  8. skog

    woodlore instructors

    Hi all I know this may well be a bone first post but have been a long time lurker and find the broad range of subjects here both fascinating and truly enjoyable read. Now I not sure how many others harbour secret fantasies and day dream in work about being able to do this full time or even on...