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  1. geoff88

    Leaking Pond

    Hi all, hope you may be able to help. Some friends are having problems with their pond leaking. The pond is about 20m across and something arround 1.5m deep when full. The leak has been coming from the area where the pond overflows into a stream. It seems that the leak has been going on for...
  2. geoff88

    Happy Birthday Scruff

    Happy birthday mate, hope you have a good day! :beerchug: Watched The Hidden Blade yesterday, great film thanks for telling me about it. :) Take care and have a good one, Geoff
  3. geoff88

    Muesli Bannock

    Hi all, don't know if this has been mentioned here before but if you mix muesli and flour together with milk powder if makes a very good sweet bannock. Geoff