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  1. andy_e

    Bamboo Keyboard & Mouse

    Was browsing around, came across this and thought to myself - that has to be "the" keyboard & mouse for BCUK members... No idea about the seller, never heard of them before. Apologies if it's been discussed before, a quick search...
  2. andy_e

    One for Wayland and Cap'n Badger?

    This'll put a new spin on Naughty Corner - now there's a song for the morning after too ...
  3. andy_e

    Chicken of the Woods

    Is there anything out there that could be confused with Chicken of the Woods (Laetiporus sulphureus)? I ask as I found a lovely big bunch of brackets that looked exactly like it the other day, but unfortunately I didn't have a camera with me. I had a search, but didn't find any reference to...
  4. andy_e

    Paypal news

    Don't know if anyone has noticed but PayPal have changed their payment options slightly... ... might make group buys and member sales simpler as you'll not have to factor in the additional cost of PayPal charges into your transactions.
  5. andy_e

    Clingons - tarp accessories

    The other weekend up at Loch Chon, Ol Smokey had a couple of very useful bits'n'pieces to help secure his tarp, temporary eyelets. So, I went looking for them and think I've found the website... ... ordered some stuff from them at the weekend there. Just a note, they...
  6. andy_e

    Midge Forecast

    No connection with this site, just came across it while browsing ... ... no idea how accurate or useful it will be, but thought it might be worth checking from time to time if you're in Scotland or planning a visit.
  7. andy_e

    Cooking method

    I was thinking about Fava beans earlier (don't ask) ... and realised I had no idea what they actually were so I looked them up and in my travels I found this ... .. now this is an Egyptian breakfast dish, but part of its name intrigued me ... I think...
  8. andy_e

    I'm amazed this still happens ....
  9. andy_e

    Sleeping bag advice

    I'm looking to buy a summer sleeping bag, however the bag has to be quite roomy as the person it's for says they don't like being constricted by mummy-style bags and I'm not convinced a caravan-style square bag is a good idea. I know this has been covered several times before, but I'm looking...
  10. andy_e

    uploading images

    Has anyone else had problems uploading new images to the member galleries? I get this message when I try to do it ... Warning: getimagesize(/usr/local/apache/htdocs/gallery/data/500/DSC00153.jpg) [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in...
  11. andy_e

    Bushcraft in comfort

    This must be the ultimate camper van, short of doing a home conversion on a Tatra :D
  12. andy_e

    Day off for everyone ...

    ... damn, I wish I'd read this last night ...
  13. andy_e

    Heads up! Swedish wool cardi

    Just got a marketing email from Surplus & Adventure, spotted this ... ... seemed like a good price.
  14. andy_e

    Double Ventile

    I really fancy having a go at making my own Ventile Smock and I've found some really inspirational examples on here .... I like this one and have ordered the pattern from the States, will have to mod it though as I like more pockets...
  15. andy_e


    Navigation is an important bushcraft skill :D
  16. andy_e

    Brightest Torch in the World...

    The novelty factor is admittedly high, it is pretty amusing tho'
  17. andy_e

    Glen Etive / Glen Kinglas

    Many thanks BeerMonster for the Glen Kinglas tip. I took a trip up there this weekend, heading out on Saturday and returning Sunday. It's a stunning walk up there from the Smokery Inverawe. On the walk up, I spotted something out of the corner of my eye and turned to see three sets of antlers...
  18. andy_e

    Haggis - a bushcrafters feast

    In order to prevent the hijacking of another thread I thought I'd start one on the subject of the noble Scots Haggis. I think as a food it epitomises one of the tenets of Bushcraft - waste nothing. That and it's tasty. And just for you two; Spamel, Firebreather, here's something to salivate...
  19. andy_e

    First trip out of the New Year

    I woke up on the 1st of January and decided to head out for a few days, so I packec up the car and headed north. It was dark by the time I arrived at Loch Etive and it took me a while to find somewhere to set up camp but morning broke to find me at the north end of the Loch set up in a small...
  20. andy_e

    Sword ban - knee jerk time

    What's next banning the ownership of blunt things!! Typical political solution, let's make ourselves look good by banning a minority item ... ... will axes be next? After all you don't *need* to own one. I don't own and have no interest in owning a...