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  1. grimstead

    outdoor show 2012

    Hey people do you know when the outdoor show is on at the nec Birmingham? grimstead
  2. grimstead

    yellow wood bush camp

    Does anyone know what's happened to their web site. Have they closed down i was thinking about stopping there in July some time but i have no contact number to phone paul many thanks mark
  3. grimstead

    help me pls

    sorry if this is in the wrong place just came across this on ebay can some one tell me what the bottle is called and where i could pick one up many thanks...
  4. grimstead

    Hi-Tec Men's Scafell Waterproof Walking Boots Hi all Thinking about buying these boots from Go Outdoors. Would really appreciate some feedback on their value for money, durability, etc......anyone had these or anything similiar for the same price they could...
  5. grimstead

    info about Inflatable Canoe

    hi people need so help with info about Inflatable Canoe pls 2 x adults 2 x 100L rucksacks so can i go for a 2 man Inflatable Canoe or wont we fit us and the gear in and have to have a one man Inflatable Canoe hope some one can help and i would like a solid canoe but dont have the...
  6. grimstead


    welcome and thank you for taking your time to look a few pic of scotland. on that trip their is me aka grimstead and my bro aka wolf7.0 and ian and im not in the pic because i was the one taking them all :( plus it didnt stop raining all weekend so didnt want to keep getting the camera out in...
  7. grimstead

    old member back in the woods again :-)

    hey guys just wondering if anyone found aplace to camp in the midlands close to wolverhampton yet got say their is some heavy pic on here its got me straight out in the woods to day :-)
  8. grimstead


    hi all havent been on for a bit just wondering if any of you guys from by that way have found any where yet for a 3 day stay mark
  9. grimstead

    Woodlore Sleeping Bag - Osprey

    hello all as anyone got this sleeping bag and how small dose it go in the stuff bag when compressed and if you got any pic of it in its stuff sack thanks mark
  10. grimstead

    need help!

    hello all need some help want to buy a new sleeping bag for my hammock but i want to get one that can be stuffed down really small so it dosent take up much space as the one ive got now dose Performance rating: 3 Season Comfort: -15 °C Extreme: -25 °C if you got any pic...
  11. grimstead

    the national boat caravan & outdoor show

    hello people just wondering if their will be any bushcraft stands as anyone been befor?
  12. grimstead

    Yellow Wood Bushcraft

    hi people just wondering if anyone as stop here im thinking of stop their sum time this year just would like to get people feed back from their stay thanks mark
  13. grimstead

    Stainless-Steel Zebra 12cm Billy Cans

    dose anyone no where i can get 2 of them from cheapper than mr mears shop? i was bidding for one last nite on e-bay but it went over my max bid the one who bought it got it for 17pounds + p&p thanks
  14. grimstead

    bushcraft and survival books?

    Hello people just wondering if anyone got a favorite book? mines got to be Food for free (Collins GEM) cheers
  15. grimstead

    DD Hammocks

    Hello everyone just bought a dd jungle hammock and just wondering whats best to take a under blanket or sleeping bag for camping out in winter time never slept in one before many thanks mark
  16. grimstead

    any ideas please

    hi all just wondering if any one let me no if their is any where close wolverhampton, west mids for bushcraft where their is not meany people about and the best place to park the car, I always worrie about the car at night is case it get broke into or set on fire . p.s. pm me if u want...