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  1. Marmite

    Kydex Winter Clothes

    First off an apology to Duncan as I really should have posted this to say thanks for the excellent work a few weeks ago. I'm a huge fan of traditional leatherwork and traditional tools in beautiful leather sheaths, but as a paddler leatherwork sometimes gives me a few concerns and mooching...
  2. Marmite

    New Shiny Bushtool

    Just wanted to send out a big Thanks to Robeves of this forum for the work he did in making up a Bushtool carver and a matching necker to my design as a companion tool. Throughout the build he's kept in great communication as we've been zinging emails back and forth on different aspects (I...
  3. Marmite

    Sabre 45 or predator 45?

    I'm looking to get a mid sized weekender and both of these have popped onto the radar. Both seem to have excellent reviews. I've already got expedition sacks from macpac and a berghaus vulcan, as well as day sacks that are useable but find that although the larger sacks are great for winter...
  4. Marmite

    Need help with a name

    Last Thursday saw a new little man born into our family and as he grows, the bushcraft community as well I'm sure. Now we opted for the "surprise" with regards the babies sex at birth (not that its really a surprise as its going to be a boy or a girl, if it was a dog or an elephant, now that...
  5. Marmite

    Thanks to the unsung heros

    First of all I hope I've put this in the right place. Today whilst going for a wander over the malverns with my family my 5 year old daughter pointed something out I thought worth a mention. When we go for a walk we always take a small plastic bag to pick up any rubbish we may come across as we...