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  1. Reece

    Down Sleeping Bag - Advice Sought

    Hi I'm looking to buy a down sleeping bag at the end of June and was wondering if anyone had any personal recommendations, I'm looking to spend around £250 preferably something that I can use in winter, I don't know of any brands that are good quality so some pointers in that direction would be...
  2. Reece

    Help me I.D this tree

    Hi I've been working on my flora I.D, so decided to head into my local woods to I.D some of my favourite trees from my childhood. I identified the majority but couldn't find this one. Any help? On the first picture the leaves looked a lot paler than they come across in the pic. Thanks in...
  3. Reece

    Hello from Lancashire

    Hello everybody, I've been lurking on here for a while now, I did my first solo overnighter in scotland a couple of weeks ago and now I'm thinking of coming to Bushmoot to learn some skills that weren't covered as I was growing up and to meet some people around my...