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  1. gorilla

    Smokepole Folding Biltong knife

    bottom 1 in the pic - unused, 01 with paduak handles and 3mm brass liners - solid as a rock, just not getting used. made by smokepole - an excellent SA maker trade value £50 (ish) looking for; blade blanks of any kind (in particular a short stick tang blade, about 60mm blade length) mosaic...
  2. gorilla

    New clothes for some saks:)

    been busy in the shed for a few weeks, and have knocked up a few sak refurbs:) Not sure of half the models - that's an evening on sakwiki working that out:O a couple of these are cpmmissions, but most are just on saks i had lying around:) Black Walnut Nomad Purpleheart on the left, Ivory...
  3. gorilla

    for trade - Tentipi Firebox

    Brand new and unused, comes with the additional canvas storage bag excellent bit of kit, blurb - - will post a pic or two tomorrow, but the link says it all really tempt me with your wares also up for sale on...
  4. gorilla


    here are both my offerings for this year
  5. gorilla

    2 swanndri tops - 1 ranger shirt, 1 jacket

    Due to my seemingly irreversible trend of adding X's to my clothing sizes, i have a couple of Swanndris up for sale first is a Ranger size XL excellent condition, and treated with Nikwax PolarProof which gives a decent level of water repellancy. the label states 42" chest, but i am a 46" and...
  6. gorilla

    The Chub Lounger - a camping chair for the more generously proportioned among us

    I went on a search for a fishing chair to support my not inconsiderable bulk, as all the folding camping chairs I've owned were woefully inadequate for the task:) My quest led to this fine piece of rear-parking technology - the Chub Lounger. For such a solid chair, it folds up pretty flat...
  7. gorilla

    For Trade Del Ealy 'Spyderco Native' fulltang blade kit, approved by Sal Glesser

    as the title, a blade approved by Sal - owner of Spyderco, supplied with bolts, and a pair of black linen micarta scales. one of only 3 made - very collectable. will trade for camping stuff - a 2 ring + grill gas stove, good XL sleeping bag, wood carving tools etc
  8. gorilla

    R/H Flexcut Carvin Jack

    if anyone has a sharp one not getting used...
  9. gorilla

    catty to swap for SAK huntsman

    i have a handmade wooden catty plus ammo and spare elastics/pouch etc i would like to trade for a SAK Huntsman cheers
  10. gorilla

    boxwood timber question

    i've been enjoying watching a load of whittling videos on youtube, but the majority of them seem to use boxwood. i'd like to get a pile to carve - but struggling to find a UK supplier - mail order in particular does anyone know of such a place? or does anyone have any? cheers
  11. gorilla

    Vaude MK 3 for sale

    For Sale is a Vaude MK 3, 4 season tent, as shown here; excellent tent, very quick and easy to pitch, and withstands all weathers excellent condition, all original pegs, bags etc supplied i will also include a set of hi-vis yellow guylines(although...
  12. gorilla

    Clearout Part 2

    here's the second part of my clearout - some new bits, and what's left from my original thread with better photos, and better prices! all prices include paypal fees and p&p i am also open to trade offers on all items - looking for knife bits - handle scales, bolts & pins, blades, polishing...
  13. gorilla

    Big Clearout FSOT

    having a bit of a clearout to make space and raise funds, so here are a few bits and pieces that might be of use to someone! sale preferred, but will consider trades for knives or knife making stuff - bolts,pins,scales etc. paypal to pay, post and PM to secure, all prices include pp fees and 1st...
  14. gorilla


    further to this thread;, i have finished and sent Gregs kuksa, and just thought i'd stick it up here for those who may not have seen it thanks
  15. gorilla

    damascus - want one but confused about it

    now i have well and truly got the knife bug, i am already thinking about my next buy. i love the look of damascus, but as a steel idiot, i am unsure as to whether the higher price is purely for the aesthetic qualities of the steel. the wikipedia entry for damascus is mainly concerned with the...
  16. gorilla

    My New Dream Knife (pic heavy)

    before crimbo, i asked Dougster if he could make me my perfect knife and he said he could and he did blade is a Shing CPM 3V, 4mm scandi, scales are Macassar Ebony with black liners Blade length is 120mm, overall length 230mm really strong, heavy and sturdy knife - lethal...
  17. gorilla

    Argos Tipi Heads-up

    a 12-man tipi in argos - don't know anything else about it, but with summer coming, it's a good price, and someone might be interested...
  18. gorilla

    Advice on handle for SM#1 blade

    just got my stuart mitchell #1 blade from a sale on BB, and i'm going to attempt to handle it myself don't really know what i need in terms of pins, corby bolts, liners etc, and want to try a manmade handle - micarta maybe, or i have been looking at Corian and Rec Stone scales -anyone have any...
  19. gorilla

    info on this little stove needed

    i got this little stove in a bundle of stuff from ebay, but have no experience of it. it is a Coleman 3004 HPX it has screw-thread on the base, so i'm guessing that it mounts onto a gas cannister? can anyone give me some info on wether it has everything complete, and what cannister i need...
  20. gorilla

    Cegga axe to swap

    i have a cegga axe from the 4th group buy; i was dazzled by its looks, but have found that i don't use it enough to justify keeping it. i would like a tatonka 1 tarp (the 4.5m x 4.5m one), or a tarp of similar quality and size. no...