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  1. Drain Bamaged

    Portuguese man-of-war

    Just a bit of an alert to say that several have been reported washed up recently on and around some of the Cornish beaches, nothing to get over excited and worry about but handy to be aware of the possibility of stumbling across one whilst out beach combing etc. D.B.
  2. Drain Bamaged

    Seagulls and Ants

    Don’t know if anyone else is seeing it but when I look up at the moment there are literally thousands of Gulls wheeling around in every direction for as far as I can see most of them are so high it’s difficult to identify separate species….when I look down at my feet there are thousands of...
  3. Drain Bamaged

    Fresnel Lens

    Thought it might just be worth a mention/reminder having been out today and suddenly remembered the Fresnel lens in my wallet….there have been several threads lately about various fire lighting methods and yet this is one that seems to be almost unused unless you have bothered to go to the...
  4. Drain Bamaged

    Cheap reasonably good guylines

    Went in B & M yesterday and spotted according to the packet '5 meters of Guyline with runner' It's actually Two 5 meter lengths and there are 4 workable plastic runners included, the line is nylon and bright orange....not the sort of thing if you don't want to stand out but very handy if the...
  5. Drain Bamaged

    Poundland losing their marbles

    Just a quick heads up for anyone looking for cheap catty 'practice ammo' I have just got a couple of bags (150 in a bag) of glass marbles 14mm from Poundland. (remember they are glass though so use sensibly). DB
  6. Drain Bamaged

    A Quick 'Hello'

    Hello everyone, the name is John and I am 55 years old. I have been looking at the site for quite a while as a guest and thought it about time I actually joined (at least now I should hopefully be able to see some of the pictures as well as read the threads). I have been lucky enough to live...