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  1. abominable_scouse_monster

    UCO Candle Lantern, Possibles Pouch, Knifemaking book and Flintknapping book.

    Hi Guy's. In thread three of the clear out I am having. SOLD! Fist up Brand new UCO candle lantern including 4 candles NEVER USED £20 inc PnP. SOLD! Wolfs Head possibles pouch, made by Hamish of this forum £25 including PnP (very lightly used). Flintknapping by John C Whittaker still in...
  2. abominable_scouse_monster

    Fishing Reels. *PRICE DROP*

    Hi Guy's, second thread feel free to grab yourself a bargain. First up: SOLD! Garmin Etrex 10 £30 including shipping (hardly used). Removed compass. Abu Garcia Silver Max bait caster, brand new in the box £25 including Shipping. iKonix Centre pin reel, band new in the box £30 including...
  3. abominable_scouse_monster

    2 Leatherman, 2 Knives, 2 Cook sets an Fire piston.

    Hey Guys. SOLD! [/BI am having a bit of a kit clear out to fund a purchase of some equipment I need so grab yourself a bargain. First up is a Leatherman Skeletool CX, Bought October 2014 and has been used to open box's ever since £30 with £5pnp. SOLD! Next up, Leatherman Crunch locking...
  4. abominable_scouse_monster

    Stolen Camera.

    Guy's but it's a long shot but, I lent my sister a Nikon D320 18 - 55 with a 32gb microsd card, to take pictures of her car, and guess what she left it on the spare seat and some one stole the cammera. If any one see's a cheep D320 for sale in the Mersyside area in a leather form fitting case...
  5. abominable_scouse_monster

    The customs and parcel farce woes...

    Right this is just a rant but, On the 29th of last month I placed a order with Duluth pack (review pending, the conclusion of this fiasco) and it took them two weeks to make (no problem with them I must stress) and it shipped before the estimate and the USPS was fast in getting it dispatched...
  6. abominable_scouse_monster

    The postman was kind yesterday, got a delivery from down under.

    The postman was kind yesterday, got a delivery from down under. A alvey side cast reel and estuary rod, I have wanted on for YEARS since seeing them on Rex Hunt fishing adventures on Discovery don't ask me why I am going to give it a test run next weekend. I have it mostly for Eel and...
  7. abominable_scouse_monster

    Was there a issue with the site today?

    Was there a issue with the site today? From about 9 am today and till about 5 or 6 pm when I last checked the forums where offering me the forum.php file as a download. Did any one else notice this? Chris.
  8. abominable_scouse_monster

    Dead Snow 2 Red VS Dead is out.

    As the title say's Dead Snow 2 Red VS Dead is out :) The seqaual to the Nazi based Zombie comedy from Norway is back and appears to be more funny than the last. :lmao: This aught to be a fun night :)
  9. abominable_scouse_monster

    Need some help Jewelers pliers, and a small press

    Need some help Jewelers pliers, I am looking for a pair that can give me 2 - 3 mm rings my current wire forming tool makes them a little too big. And I am also after a small sheet metal press to cut out small stampings (upto 3in MAX) from 0.5mm - 1.5mm brass an steel, cutting them out with a...
  10. abominable_scouse_monster

    Non Bushcraft review - Karas Kustoms G2 Brass bolt Pen.

    OK This is not a bushcraft review and I couldn't think of where to place it so OT it goes (Mod's please move if you like). OK I bought this pen as I just wanted a simple plain brass pen that took fisher space pen refill's, now a little about my writing: And how it's improved with this pen...
  11. abominable_scouse_monster

    Things that just blow you mind.

    This is a thread dedicated to various things that blow your mind, I'll start off with, Air pressure effects bread baking. A loaf baked on a day with high pressure will not rise as much (significantly so depending on the bread) than it will on a day with low pressure. Even if the dough was...
  12. abominable_scouse_monster

    Chilli Garlic Parans.

    I have hit upon a nice Chilli Garlic prawn recipe I just thought I would share. 500g of Prawns. 1 Large Chopped Plum Tomato, and a small plum tomato. 4 Garlic cloves (I used Smoked) 2 Scotch Bonnets Decent amount of fresh parsley, finely chopped. Olive oil. 75 - 100 grams of Butter. A porition...
  13. abominable_scouse_monster

    Bass Session Part 2 - Location scouting.

    Hey Guy's I am going to be scouting out a semi-new location for the next Bass Session on Saturday / Sunday. It's a little bit north of the last location but if what I am hearing it correct the Bass are magnetticaly attracted to the hook, even in bad weather. I'll post pic's post recon, I am...
  14. abominable_scouse_monster

    Posting anything? use this place first.

    I have no connection to this place, but I am a happy customer and I have been recommended it by people I know. It get's quotes from multiple shippers and you also get a discount (bulk rate think on there end I imagine), bet of all they offer same day services too.
  15. abominable_scouse_monster

    China threatens death penalty for serious polluters China as normal is taking things to the extreme, I wonder how much "under the able" will be allowed before they clam down on you, and the implications for levi city (the run off from the factory's has died the...
  16. abominable_scouse_monster

    Grinds my Gears - Shoping related.

    Right this has been going though my head for a few day's and it has kinda stewed, sorry if it get's a little angry. Right Super Stores are a just a daily or weekly necessity for most people, I haven't got a problem with that (for a given value of CBA) but what hacks me off is - "When the Spawn...
  17. abominable_scouse_monster

    Tony (admin) Clear your inbox mate.

    Title says it all.
  18. abominable_scouse_monster

    Draw knife?

    Has any one here made a draw knife? Do you have any tips or hints you can pass along?
  19. abominable_scouse_monster

    Chillax, it's Summer! (pic thread)

    Well seeing as it's the first official day of summer, I thought I would start a new picture thread.
  20. abominable_scouse_monster

    Samsung B2100 Tough phone review.

    Samsung B2100 Tough phone review. While this phone was released in 2009 it's still being produced, and I have purchased mine at the end of January 2013, But it's a perfect phone either as a back up phone or as a rugged phone for Crafters and other outdoor enthusiasts. First of all the vital...