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  1. Grey Owl

    Our New Home

    Reading and enjoying and looking forward to the updates.
  2. Grey Owl

    Fire Roll technique

    It is very like other fire starting methods, mostly parlor tricks and stunts. Once you know any primitive method, matches and lighters become pretty attractive. On the other hand, they build ones confidence and improve your skills regardless of the methods you choose in the end. However, I...
  3. Grey Owl

    Who wants their own fully kitted Nuclear Bunker

    Bigbear, we definitely need pictures of that event.
  4. Grey Owl

    Stopped By The Police

    I was challenged over a knife I was carrying, believe it or not, in the good old US of A back in 1995. My girlfriend (now wife) and I would spend our spring break from university busking in the downtown Washington DC area. After performing for the lunchtime crowds, we would close the cases...
  5. Grey Owl

    Dual Survival Season 4

    Season 4? Good gracious, I still haven't gotten around to watching season #2. Oh well, there is still time. As mentioned above, don't take it too seriously, and have a bit of fun watching. There is almost always something to be learned, either from how something is done, or not done.
  6. Grey Owl

    New "Scandi folder" from Cold Steel

    I'm always a bit of a sucker for things like this. At some point I will probably fall victim to this one. Like I need another knife.
  7. Grey Owl

    tops bob fieldcraft knife

    On a recent course one of the students had one on their belt. Being a bit of a sucker for a new blade, I asked to hold it. Once it was in my hand I realised there were many many better ways to spend my coins. Couldn't wait to put it down, and the owner also felt some regrets on their...
  8. Grey Owl

    Spare HDPE toboggans?

    I've got 2 fully constructed and thoroughly field tested 3m sleds, as well as parts for a third sitting in the shed. Could likely let one go, or loan out. But it seems as though the shipping might be a little cost prohibitive. Just make one up, it'll be worth the time and effort.
  9. Grey Owl

    6 Months in the Middle Ages: Surviving the Moscow Winter

    On the cover shot of the website approximately half way down on the right hand side is an interesting image. It appears that someone is shaving the trama layer off of a false tinder fungus, or a similar fungus. Could anyone enlighten me about the russian...
  10. Grey Owl

    Bushcrafting 37 years ago revisited!...

    Thank you for providing one of the most beautiful pieces of writing that this forum has ever experienced. Something that many of us can relate to, and can understand a little better because of you sharing your experience. Even over here in Alberta I could feel the emotion and importance of...
  11. Grey Owl

    Rat Root Rendezvous

    23-25 August 2013 A casual event open to all interested lovers of the outdoors. Typical attendees would include guides, outfitters, outdoor educators, bushcraft instructors, flint knappers, former and future students of Mors Kochanski, and a couple of stray dogs. The agenda is always...
  12. Grey Owl

    Beard combs

    Many nice things in these pictures, chain mail, antler work, leather work. But the comb make me think of the flea combs we would use on the dogs. Then again, that may be the concern my wife has over my winter beard. Hmmmm, important thoughts.
  13. Grey Owl

    The Vapour Barrier Liner (VBL) thread.

    Vapour barriers are a contentious issue, some despise them, some admire them. Before I launch into my opinion on them, I'd like to thank rg458 for articulating a great response. Although I respect the opinion/experience of a couple other folks that have responded, my intention is to offer some...
  14. Grey Owl

    Help finding a thread

    Brilliant thank you, that gives me a much better idea on how these structures are constructed. The first shelter, image and description were easy to understand, the next one still has me scratching my head. The image in the lower left I believe is the tactical style, low angle lean-to. The...
  15. Grey Owl

    Help finding a thread

    Thank you to both of you for finding the thread and Southey for being willing to answer additional questions. Where we live in Alberta, we get plenty of snow and cold weather and I'm excited to learn some shelter/construction techniques that are not commonly used out here. If not making use of...
  16. Grey Owl

    Help finding a thread

    A few years ago there was a thread featuring photos and descriptions of a winter trip in either Sweden or Norway. The course participants appeared to be military and there were several shots of the emergency shelters that were constructed by the participants. After having tried multiple...
  17. Grey Owl

    Camping for longer than a weekend

    There have been several comments already that I would strongly support. After completing a few multi-week trips, the Mrs. and I have created a list of comforts that we prefer to bring on all trips. Chair: perhaps it is increasing age, but the ability to sit comfortably up off the ground can...
  18. Grey Owl

    Wondermill Junior Deluxe Grain Hand Mill

    The Wondermill is a great device. We considered the Country Living Mill as well, but simply could not justify double the cost for something that did not provide any additional utility. The Country Living has a 'classic' look about it, and for many years there was nothing comparable in terms...
  19. Grey Owl

    fifteen or less challenge second year!

    Just edited my entry from way back in June. Although to call it an edit is a slight exaggeration as the original post simply stated we were heading out on the following weekend. Well everything went according to plan until Man of Tanith announced today that the 15 or Less Challenge was closed...
  20. Grey Owl

    Mors Kochanski & Larry Olsen interviews

    Thanks for posting those links. In the fun of watching these videos, I never thought to share them on the forums. It's great to see these legends sitting down together, sharing ideas, thanking each other, and setting such a great standard of camaraderie, mutual respect and genuine passion...