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    Gransfors Bruks British trade axe.

    On the lookout for one of these if anyone has one they no longer require. Purchase or nice sharps to trade. Thanks for looking.
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    Mears/SWC Bushcraft knife

    Just received an E-mail from Woodlore saying that they are knocking 20% off the price of the SWC bushcraft knife (1 weekend only) For anyone who may be sat on the fence about a purchase, that is quite a big saving
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    The Human Planet

    Jaw dropping documentary just finished on BBC4. Well worth a run on BBC i-Player if you haven't seen it.
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    Victorinox Mauser

    I have the above knife for sale in extremely fine used condition. Bit of a rareity in this condition and not easy to get hold of. No box or paperwork but complete with saw cover and absolutely no issues with damage or blade play etc. The visible marks on the blade are due to fingerprints and...
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    Wonderful old gent

    Thought this may be of interest to folks, apologies if it has been posted previously.
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    Floating Bushcraft timepiece?

    Wonder if this will catch on, handy for out and about if you dropped it in water
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    What head torch??

    Would appreciate some advice from the more clued up about the purchase of a decent head torch, as the one i am currently using which i won in a competition a good while ago has seen better days and i now wish to replace it, my main issue is that i want a decent, lightweight one that will not...
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    New sleeping bag required....please advise

    Hi folks, after my recent stalking trip North of the border i have come to realise that i am now in need of a new sleeping bag. Can any of you more knowledgeable guys (or gals) please give me some pointers towards a decent bag for a larger guy (50" chest) as i struggled to get a good nights kip...
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    Spyderco Puukko

    Something new,shiny(and expensive)at Heinnies. I know it's their trademark,but not sure about the hole with this one
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    Heads up-into the wild-film 4 9 pm

    True (or based on actual events) story about a young American guy that abondons wealth and privelige to 'find himself' in Alaska. Never seen it, but it's supposed to be quite bushcrafty so may be worth a watch.
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    Hi Gill,your inbox is full.
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    Forum playing up?

    Hi all, Just switched on the forum and seem to be having a problem getting past page 1 of "New posts" when i click on page 2 i am getting a feedback message saying "Sorry no matches" as if i am using search feature, just wondered if anybody else was getting it or it is my relic PC playing up...
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    Anybody knows what this means?

    During the last 48 hrs or so when logging onto the forum i am getting a window saying, MESSAGE FROM WEBPAGE:- "Your submission could not be processed because the token has expired. Please refresh the window" When i delete the message everything works as normal,just got me curious.
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    Anybody having bother with Forum today?

    Hi all, Been using forum a few times today and noticed thati have been having to double click on my back button to go back 1 page, this has nrver happened before andit only seems to be on BCUK, just wondering if anybody else was experiencing. Thanks.