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  1. fishfish

    a sexy axe from Mr Budd esquire!

    Finally i saved up enough pennies for a blacksmithed carving axe head,and i have admired Dave Budd's work for a long time and have a few of his tools allready si i spoke to Dave and we came up with a shape that would suit my needs for carving,i got the head only as i wanted a particular style of...
  2. fishfish

    a bit of kolrossing.......

    been messing about doing some kolrossing with my new kolrossing knife,in some ways it is a similar thing to scrimshaw,the wood needs to be prepared by sanding fine or scraping with broken glass,this will hopefully leave a smooth surface onto which you can incise a pattern or design,next you...
  3. fishfish

    a few recent spoons.

    when i started carving spoons i had no idea the places it might take me,i carved my first when i was just a boy and took a break of a number of years and then seeing it was a cool bushcraft thing to do re kindled my skills,ime not the best by a long way but it really is a great thing to do to...
  4. fishfish

    first date with the mongolian....

    nope ive not pulled a Mongolian bird,although i did work with a girl from the steppes once but that's another story. Like many on here i have drooled over the Mongolian hotpot owned by the bushhcraft magazine guy that attends various shows,the Mongolian hot-pot cooker is a great idea dating back...
  5. fishfish

    A new shavehorse.

    I finished a new shavehorse today,the woods were sourced from local copse. The bench is from Green oak,as is the table and its hinge,the legs are seasoned ash,clamp legs are sycamore all the pins are seasoned Chestnut. The Planks were cut by steam power and all the rest done by hand with...
  6. fishfish

    Cornish RV,who's going?

    a week today my family and i will be at the rv, ( run by footsteps of discovery) we have gone for 3 years now and its just brilliant,great atmosphere,great for kids,they do an easter egg hunt and stuff,axe throwing for the bearded only! lol ille be the chap in the bowler hat doing the spoon...
  7. fishfish


    anyone else tried them? tasted a bit like an over cooked pork scratching.... day out to Burrington of the 'rock of ages'. by fishfish_01, on Flickr day out to Burrington of the 'rock of ages'. by fishfish_01, on Flickr thanks for looking.
  8. fishfish

    Mongolian hotpot (like in bushcraft magazine)

    £30 – Warminster i am offering for sale this mongolian hot pot,it is all copper construction,it needs a cooking bowl to fit and small stack,this would be easy to make ie a stainless mixing bowl and a bit of tig welding,this should be no more than £20 to do.this are megga rare to find this...
  9. fishfish

    Shifts and expedients of camp life, travel, and exploration 1871

    some fantastic diagrams and line drawings from the book 'Shifts and expedients of camp life, travel, and exploration' by W.B. Lord and T. Baines. William Barry Lord London : Horace Cox, 1871. : Image taken from page 61 of...
  10. fishfish

    a bit of spoon help needed!

    the starts of a folding cherry eating spoon,have any of you guys done any? any pics ? i could do with some help on the design,i can on;ly find one pic of one on the net! DSC044341 by fishfish_01, on Flickr thanks for looking.
  11. fishfish

    heavy duty cotton tarp

    FOR SALE: new heavy duty cotton tarp,6 small pin holes ½ inch in from the longest side,otherwise unused , cost me £170.00 incl P&P am selling for £125.00 incl P&P to mainland UK .selling as it was too small for my project.
  12. fishfish

    A warbling may whistle

    A first attempt at a warbling may whistle,needs a bit more work on it! lol click on the pic to play the vid: warbleing may whistle by fishfish_01, on Flickr
  13. fishfish

    An invitation to crafts people:

    Hello folks,I have been asked by the organisers of the Padstow steam rally in Cornwall to spread the word that they are looking for folk to show off their country craft skills,leather workers,bowyers,wood work ,pole lathes,hurdle makers,carvers etc,you dont need to be a pro,There is no fee for a...
  14. fishfish

    hunter handlines,catapults,etc

    please note that i am not currently producing items to sell on line untill otherwise stated. many thanks for the the intrest in my products. best wishes, fishfish.
  15. fishfish

    "dont let kids outside!"

    can you believe the phone call I had today!? 'We have concerns that your children spend a lot of time outdoors cycling and running about' given the Governments push for kids to be healthy and Mr Gryls saying Computer games should be banned, troubled teenagers compelled to climb mountains...
  16. fishfish

    closed till new year.

    i will have no items available through to new year. merry christmas. fish.
  17. fishfish

    hammerhead tomahawks.

    been trying my hand at forging hammer heads into tomahawks today,i found two small ball been trying my hand at forging hammer heads into tomahawks today,grinding etc tomorrow :pein hammers at the bootsale for a pound,grinding etc tomorrow : tomahawks forged from hammers by fishfish_01, on...
  18. fishfish

    Artists conch aka false tinder fingus.

    Artists conch aka false tinder fungus by fishfish_01, on Flickr my family and I went our foraging said fungi today as i needed to make some tinder,my boy ben found a small one that had been knocked off a beech tree and so i had a wee scribble to show the kids. To draw on the underside of one...
  19. fishfish

    re Secrets of the Castle bbc series.

    re Secrets of the Castle bbc series. anyone else watching the new bbc series? i am enjoying it but i am alittle worried about the information on some aspects,for instance in this weeks episode (2) they are making a crossbow medieval style,when making the yew limbs they are puching a...
  20. fishfish

    Bigrich !

    your in box is full mate !