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    Campfire bread baking

    Afternoon, I recently tried to bake some bread in my Tatonka kettles (pots) with limited success and some unfortunate consequences. I rolled up some aluminum foil and put it in the bottom of a 1.6L kettle to create an air gap. I then placed the smaller 1L kettle inside the 1.6L (on top of this...
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    Hello (Late Introduction)

    Hello all, I've been lurking for a while, soaking up information and occasionally posting and I realised it'd be polite to introduce myself. I'm rapidly approaching 40, have three young kids and love getting outdoors. My kids are the main reason why I'm here - I want to learn as much as I...
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    New DD Superlight Tents

    Morning, Thought the forum would be interested in DD's new range of Superlight tents Tarps and mesh tent inners that they put on their website yesterday. Interesting idea that you could use a Tarp you already have with their Mesh Inner A-Frame...