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    Cabin Porn

    its really not quite as dirty as it sounds... ;) I haven't checked every pic, so don't hold me completely responsible!
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    Was It You?

    About 8.15 this morning outside the midland hotel in manchester, crossing oxford road in full bushcraft gear including axe handle sticking straight outta the bag.
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    Leather sheath kit - where to get one?

    Hello All, I've never been happy with the sheath my Helle Temagami came with, and now I'm interested in making a replacement one for it. A few posts have advised on buying a sheath making kit as opposed to ebaying the various materials & tools separately, but unless I'm blinder than I think I...
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    Gonna need a jumper from now on :D

    After my bro bought me a DC4 whetstone for Christmas - I've spent the last two hours mucking around, with my sharps about an hour getting it wrong and taking the edge(s) off, then a brew break, listening & feeling the pull on the stone, and now I've two shaving sharp :D old news to those more...